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07-22-2017, 04:32 PM
Hey all

Wanted to provide my feedback for the game that has me absolutely hooked. To provide some status on my progression, I'm currently level 8 and rank 42 and am on stage 31 of the campaign. This feedback post will be a living post and i'll continue to update it as i notice other items that in my opinion should be addressed. I recognize it' will be incomplete as I havent unlocked the fantasy cards yet and have yet to experience max level game play.

1. Energy staff placement: You can place the energy staff in a manner that traps a troop between the staff and the player. This allows the player to build up higher energy pushes that's in my opinion intended. A fix would be for troops to simple push the energy staff out of the way.

2. Hookhand Clyde (HHC): This card simply provides too much value for 3 energy, The parrot will essentially take out any troop (except tanks) in one shot after which the caster receives a troop. Unless the parrot hits the enemy hero (which seems to favour troops rather than the hero) this troop is almost impossible to not end up in a positive energy trade. A smart player will not play HHC while rats/pigeons/gnomes are on field. I recommend either reducing the parrot damage (so it doesnt one shot attacker troops, ranged are fine), or increasing the energy cost to 5.

3. Arrow storm: Similar to HHK this card simply provides too much value for its energy cost. It will always provide a positive energy trade and is way too easy to use , simply drag on screen and voila, all ranged/assassin troops are gone. My recommendation is to either increase the energy cost to 5 (less damage than fireball but hits entire screen) or to reduce the damage so the higher cost ranged troops aren't killed (assassins/low cost ranged troops are fine to kill).

4. Purify: This card in my opinion is simply too powerful and requires some sort of rework. It currently nullifies too many cards. Poison, mind control, freeze, any non-direct damage spell is nullified by this card to the point that only freeze is viable due to its low energy cost (still an energy loss of 1).. My recommendation is to either limit the cleanse to 1 or 2 troops or to increase the card cost to 2 (mind control would still remain unused).

Thank you for the recent balance changes, it was a huge step in the right direction in my opinion and significantly shortened my above list.

As an after thought, please remove the image verification for a new post. I struggled to submit this thread. Other game forums dont require this and I never notice spam showing up.


12-19-2017, 03:26 AM
hahahaha that's rich. Hook hand clyde only hits another card if you've paid a bunch into the game. i've NEEVVEERR had my clyde do anything but hit the leader for basically no damage.

12-19-2017, 07:03 AM
I don't agree with any of it but nice format with suggestions and everything.