View Full Version : Title Update 6 Patch Notes

07-21-2017, 11:39 AM
Below are all the fixes and improvements we are bringing you in Title Update 6.

- Added a new default helicopter controls, that can be deactivated in order to revert to the previous controls:

Now the triggers control the vertical speed (LT = Vertical descending speed, RT = Vertical ascending speed)
The left stick controls the horizontal speed (Up/Down = Forward/Backward, Left/Right = Left/Right)
Left/Right on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the chopper
Up/Down on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the camera (doesn’t impact the helicon pitch; this gives a feeling of the player controlling the camera, and the helicopter follows the camera)

- Every helicopter now has a different behavior

Small helicopters are very fast, very mobile, and have a high pitch
Gunships are fast, mobile, and have a very military feeling to them
Blackhawks are slower and more steady when handling

- Helicopters take off physics are now more realistic. Once the helicopter reaches the correct RPM, it will take off automatically
- The helicopters no longer slide while taking off
- Helicopter engine torque reacts to the player’s actions (The player will be able to hear and see the engine rotors accelerating or slowing down)
- Improved destruction of helicopters on impact
*Disclaimer: The new Helicopter control scheme is not yet optimized for the Steam Controller. This may cause moving the helicopter left and right with the trackpad to be very slow.*

- While using a gatling chopper, the HUD now displays a crosshair while aiming
- While using a rocket chopper, the HUD now locks onto targets
- While using a small chopper with rockets, instead of locking, the player shoots rocket salvos
- Added a HUD display that shows the current helicopter speed and altitude

- In "La Gringa" : -Fixed a bug where the objective marker could disappear
- In "El Chido’s Agent" : -Fixed a bug preventing missions completion if the agent gets alerted

- Fixed a bug where the “Down” symbol wouldn’t always appear

- Player will hear helicopter engines speeding up and slowing down upon accelerating/decelerating

- Fixed some zones where player could not climb

- Fixed a bug where some rebel skills wouldn’t be displayed on the HUD
- Fixed a bug where some elements in the TacMap and the Los Extranjeros tab would be stretched on the ultra-wide aspect ratio displays

- Fixed a bug causing the Tier 1 “Activation” button to not be clickable when using a mouse
- Fixed a bug causing some menu elements to be stretched when using an ultra-wide resolution (2560x1080, 3440x1440) in the Fallen Ghost DLC
- Fixed an issue that cause scrolling through a list while having a tile selected and moving the cursor away would reset the list to the selected tile