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07-21-2017, 10:03 AM
After seeing yet another venomous outburst against the Samurai I have to voice my concerns as to the reasons why they have been made at this time in particular.
We see that this is a poisonous desperate strategy from one faction to start a mind set within another certain faction as to influence the end of season result.
I'd like to think that the truly decent players,,those who consider themselves warriors of great prowess and integrity shall not be swayed by these devious hateful racist posts.
Those certain people who are venting their bile are doing it why?
Could it be they are trying to whip up a frenzy,a racial one at that?
All of their outbursts for the gain of shiny ornaments and victory in an imaginary war...
I have faith in the tenacity of those whom the hateful posts are being aimed at and trying to influence as to the outcome of the final round.
It's just like last season's treachery and hate mongering.
It's so obvious to all what faction breeds the most contemptuous self righteous zealot bile merchants.
The certain unchivlerous amongst them are an embarrassment to their kin as to stoop so low with their method of scheming..
They have no honour,no self respect and hold every other player from other factions with such contemptuous disregard.
Yet again why?
For shiny ornaments?
For victory?
Without showing true honour this would be an empty meaningless win.
I put my trust in the community,,I have faith in the community and I respect the community,,except the certain few among the knights who try so hard playing the hate card to try and gain influence over another faction and have them as a mercenary force..
I'm sure the true Nordic warriors bow to no one.
They stand proud and strong swayed by no one.
Certainly mercenaries to no one.
Be fair and resolute in your hearts..
Let the war come to an honest conclusion..with honour.

07-21-2017, 10:09 AM
.......Have you considered writing? No joke, you might have a knack for literature there.