View Full Version : minion soldiers fighting at B dominion has never made sense

07-21-2017, 06:32 AM
The game has always been like this, but I've never seen a thread about it so I'm making this one.

Can someone explain how the minion mechanics work on dominion?

It never seems fair or makes sense. Either one side will get more consistent spawns, or one side will just clearly beat up the other side.

Does the team that is losing get more soldiers to spawn quicker so they take over B without their team even attacking the other team's soldiers? That's what it usually seems like.

I just finished a dominion where we were killing the enemy team's soldiers the whole match. We had 900 points, they had around 300, so we're just standing there clearing soldiers because the entire 4 man enemy team was waiting at C for the breaking fight, basically had given up. Finally time to start the breaking fight and finish them, and while we're fighting at C killing them 1 by 1, we lose B. Apparently, they're soldiers were either mass spawning or just better at fighting than our soldiers.

What's the deal?

07-21-2017, 07:31 AM
Losing B does not mean their minions beat yours and took over the spot, it means zone went back to neutral.

B is a zone that is designated to the team who successfully cleared ALL enemy minions in that area. The moment you left, they simply gathered enough numbers so that zone reverted back to neutral.

While I understand what you mean, since you get to capture A or C and its your forever until enemy Heroes show up, so you expected B to be the same. You have to stay there make sure enemy minions do not rally enough numbers to start entering the zone. If they do, regardless of who has more minions in the zone, it goes back to neutral.

07-21-2017, 11:40 AM
Yes, you are correct. The side that not control center amass more soldier.

07-21-2017, 01:43 PM
Minions have their morale "break" on certain conditions. It's never been clarified but usually it seems to be stuff like fellow minions dying, player dying around them and etc.. in which case they're routed and fall back. Conversely, friendly players killing enemy minions or players will rally them to fight again.

When one side falls back, or are forcibly eliminated, the other side will advance and take mid. The side that is routed will have more minions spawn more frequently.

So when left alone mid-zone fluctuates in certain intervals.

07-21-2017, 04:22 PM
Don't forget there are fears that beef up soldier fighting alone with team buffs. Don't remember what it's called but yeah it's a thing.

07-21-2017, 04:29 PM
Whoever has the most minions at B doesn't necessarily mean that team will take B. I have seen 10 minions hold off 50 as long as there is a hero from the side that has 10. Those 50 minions won't advance until that team has a hero arrive at B.