View Full Version : this last buff of kensei, will help .

07-18-2017, 06:50 AM
Every vanguard, was created to use a certain tactic, which is by bringing the opponent to a 50/50 base game (excluding variants). The Kensei, unlike Rider and Warden, can not carry the chain of attacks to infinity because it brings everything to the last attack of the "doom of kensei" series, while warden playing spamming bash, and rider (thanks to the recent buff ) Can spamming stun attack.

The final kensei buff is this: when you start , the last attack of the "doom of kensei " series, if you choose immediate right or left attack (the one with the hyper armor) without first trying it unblockable, if you press the Light attack with the right timing, the final attack is transformed into the "helm splitter" , which thanks to the recent patches can again launch a final kensei attack: in that case you can choose whether to try the same tactic or finish With the tactics that starts from unblockable.

what do you think?

07-19-2017, 12:07 PM
tell meif U like this idea

07-19-2017, 05:24 PM
Kensei, Berserker, Nobushi, Orochi, well, all heroes which suffer today to open a turtle need the defensive patch before any change. After the rework of defense we can see what specific hero needs.

Ask for any "balance" today is worthless, because the only fix for this would give to all heroes a neutral unblockable, and at least for me this isn't the answer for the problem. We need block and parry costing more and rewarding less. We need the attacker having the true pressure not feeling pressured.

Compared to 2D fighting games, For Honor block system is too easy and land a light, for example, didn't do much because no one can continue a chain without very very high risk. Allowing all heroes continue their chains, managing the risk for a good reward that would be land sequencial hits will make FH have action.

To win, one should attack, not rely on defense. Heroes which have defense moves should commit themselves to that with the proper risk, like the offensive heroes have to face.

Let's see if tomorrow we get any info about that, and let's hope the defensive patch really fix those problems and lead FH to a decent action scenario, obligating the competitive level to master the own heroes instead the core mechanics only.