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07-18-2017, 04:41 AM
I posted a #RQ thread a week or two ago. Since then I've still watched some high level gameplay, and got on for a couple games after drinking with low expectation. When I first left I didn't post a long tirade of things that angered me, so here's a long bullet-point list of just a tiny few of the little things which I hated/hate about this game that angered, frustrated, and finally convinced me to stop taking it seriously and just walk out.

-Valk shield bash doesn’t always block, and she depends on it strongly for defense in many situations.
-Shinobi's guaranteed GB into RoS if he goes after someone from behind.
-Our characters are 8 foot tall demi-gods, yet we die if we touch water. Guess master warriors don't have time to learn how to swim in koi ponds.
-People get multiple deaths off cliffs in outdoors maps, and Ubi never bothered patching it.
-Weird **** happens sometimes like Lawbringer having apparently uninterruptible stance and can't be knocked down after certain combos?
-Outrageously high damage unblockables and narrow areas in maps ensure that poor players can pick raider or shugoki and be effective mindlessly spamming in tight spaces
-Truly insane number of DCs. The fact that Ubi even released a game with this severe of instability let alone never bothered patching it makes them look extremely unprofessional, I don’t see how they aren’t embarrassed that this is STILL an issue
-I can’t tell off the ********s who I play with. As petty as this is, and I’m well aware that it’s petty, in most games that allow cheese players to dominate and cowardly players to kill you with numbers, there is at least also the cheap comfort of being able to vent your frustrations by notifying them of how pathetic they are using language with the sort of power and articulation that the game mechanics lack. I’d guess that barely 3% of the players on PSN that I played with used mics, and that’s only team chat. So yeah It's petty and would almost definitely only encourage the trolls, but I'd really appreciate being able to flame the **** out of these people in-game.
-If you successfully dodge near a ledge so that your opponent whiffs something, you automatically get a free gb and therefore a free kill
-"No longer enough players" is a joke, I get this error message even if there are 4 or sometimes 5 players that are ready for the next game... How is this not enough when other people are added during the loading screens and in-game?
-Such different recovery windows was a major mistake on Ubi’s part. I realize that a lot of people would disagree with this, and I may only feel like I was stung by this so badly due to my chosen class being Valk (who gets ****ed any time she whiffs anything or gets blocked), but I feel like dexterity could be conveyed in much less frustrating ways that this. Plus, lets be real, knights with hundreds of pounds of armor being able to recovery faster than some classes like the Valk is, well, preposterous.
-Mindless spam works more often than it should. At high level play, you feign and you try to time a GB and do these little things. But in low level play if you try any of these, an orochi or PK can just light spam you and never worry about any of it getting through. Fast spam > feigns, GB attempts, and combos. It isn't unstoppable, but it reinforces the defensive meta because it does force you to just block until they exhaust themselves or back up and try to get in a cheap shot to get them staggered.
-There is an outrageous gap between damage of weak heroes vs strong. A revenge raider does half my health in one ****ing shot, and that really chaffs my ***.
-Spawn areas are broken. Sometimes the spawns allow the enemy team to flank you, other times it ensures that they spawn in a virtual cage to be annihilated in.
-The health gap between heroes is also absolutely outrageous relative to damage. Many heroes are maneuverable with good defense and have huge health yet do far far more damage than weaker “agile” heroes. Raider has huge health, huge damage, and isn't a slug. None of the classes are lumbering klutzes, so as agility goes up and damage goes down, the skill needed to effectively play increases exponentially. In other words, more agility has a sort of diminishing return that has to be made up for with skill, but damage and health variance between classes is wider and don't require any extra skill to make use of.
-An 8 foot tall demi-god tripping over hobbit sized soldiers is laughable. You can kill 6+ of them with a single swings a la Sauron, yet if you're trying to fight, they form walls around you to block movement. It becomes unbelievable that such weak little people could create an impassable wall like that.
-Being able to activate revenge mid-GB and during recovery windows is a total buzzkill and unfair IMO. Again speaking from Valk perspective, but if I want to execute I need a GB into heavy to be sure. My heavies are slow, and I have no good combos or unblockables that allow me to get an execute. If I win a fight and get the GB to finish off with an execute and then the opposite suddenly gets revenge, they can pop it when the fight is essentially over and suddenly not only are they not dead, but they have the upper hand and should win. I like revenge, because it offsets unbalanced numbers in the fight, but there need to be some limits and this is definitely one of them. It's made to allow someone to make a comeback after being forced on the defensive, I don't think it's intended for them to essentially rise from the grave after they've already lost.
-Overwhelmingly inferior players can use unbalanced niches to be effective, and sense a lot of the players that don't like abusing niches have left, there's an annoyingly high proportion of the extant community that just cheeses in all their games.
-As a dedicated valk player, I am literally incapable of expressing in words how furious I became fighting other valks that I knew beyond even the slightest shadow of a doubt were overwhelmingly and definitively below my skill level in every conceivable measurement of skill yet they would run and hide from my superiority then kill me in 3 v 1s. It’s the most insulting thing that I’ve experienced in a game that just plain ****ty players get to use numbers and to get essentially free kills on me then I’m forced to watch myself be executed by these bozos. If anything, executions should be only allowed for honorable kills. Executions are supposed to be "hell yes I beat this guy" moments when in most situations they "hell yeah I walked up behind this guy who was almost dead and mashed heavy" or "hell yeah he's in a corner and there are 3 of us so I can spam this unblockable" moments.
-I may be wrong here, but I don't see any consistency over the damage that one takes from jumping off a ledge trying to kill someone below. Sometimes I literally go from full health to death doing these, other times I take half damage. And this is off the same ledge in the same place.
-GB at same time does not work to bounce. It doesn’t work. They've said it's supposed to cancel both of them. They've recognized that some people are saying that it doesn't work as it's supposed to. And it doesn't. Sometimes you GB at the same time and you're ****ed, other times the other guy is. It introduces an element of seeming randomness that feels very unfair.
-Shinobi can slide with virtually no "windup." I can't slide like a shinobi anyway, but if I try a simple powerslide I need a running start. I feel like shinobi should need a running start rather than taking 2 steps then proceeding to slide 12 feet.
-Centurion can leap as far as you can roll backwards, making it almost impossible to escape his full stun chain in many many circumstances
-Berserkers free GBs feel like a bug even though they aren't. Yes, we know that they are "mini" GBs, but they're still unblockable GBs that the class gets for free constantly and it feels extremely broken that I can't ever stop this bearded tweaker from grabbing me.
-The gap in play when someone DC’s that either rewinds the game or lags me out is unacceptable. Half the time it rewinds the game, half the time you get killed while you aren’t even connected. Super lame.
-Shinobis ability to ranged GB people and rip them into cliffs and lakes from the other side is next level ********.
-The magnet effect that allows people to magically slide forward to score a hit that they shouldn’t have been able to reach is as visually ridiculous as it is painstakingly frustrating. I can’t imagine that I was the only person thinking “wow, I’m sick of raiders 10 feet away from me magnetically sliding over and bashing an ax into my back when I clearly rolled out of range.” I get dashing people who try to run away, as a Valk I do this regularly to prevent escapes… If someone leaps at me to close the gap it's fine. But when someone swings wildly from out of range yet the game makes them appear to slide over to make the connection, it feels extremely contrived and unfair.
-I once got shinobi GB'd into fire and was left stuck there burning.
-Really just everything about shinobi. He’s hands down the easiest class for me to kill if I see him and can engage, because cheesing shinobozos usually can't even block and are extremely predictable leading to easy kills... But I rarely see him because that’s the class. He doesn’t fight, he only cheeses exclusively or else he dies. Nerf the cheese and there is no class left.
-I got knocked down once by an orochi going into revenge and he had time for TWO heavies before I stood up. TWO HEAVIES. WHAT?!
-The score should take into account unfair odds far more than it does. A 3 v 1 should almost eliminate the points received by the 3, and dramatically increase any gained by the 1. This does happen, but not nearly to the degree that it should.
-The score is ridiculously slanted to favor killing blows. If I’m playing with a team who are really aggressive and big into running up and taking the last shot, it isn’t uncommon to have 10 takedowns but barely 100 points because I’m not getting last hits in such matchups.
-Constant disconnections. Constant.
-The ability that I see a lot of Kenseis using to dash in one direction but make a heavy fly out of the opposite direction at the same time is just weird and incongruent.
-No damage cap means revenge raider does well over half of my health in one hit. It seems reasonable at least to me to set a universal damage cap so that nobody becomes an unstoppable death machine whenever they get revenge.
-Matchmaking is an absolute joke, and the fact that they eliminated team shuffling at the end of each game ensures that the losing team, which is often beaten severely due to the matchmaking system being an absolute joke (see beginning of sentence), will never stick around for another game. They’d be idiots or desperate to. If my teammates are a bunch of potatoes running around solo mindlessly and the other team is a war machine, why the hell would I stick around? I used to because it used to shuffle the teams, but not anymore.
-I don’t honestly mind the outfits not having a huge variation, but it’s weird that after earning or spending $10+ to get steel to get a mythic outfit, the “outfit” consists of sticking a spike on a helmet and having bugs fly around you. Haha…
-BONUS! INB4, if you make highlander a class and stick them with Vikings, you’ve just **** on the history of the people. I guess that that has never been a big part of the game, but a Gaelic warrior would probably rather have shoved a pineapple up his *** than fight with Vikings, and Vikings would probably rather have shoved pineapples up their asses before letting Gaelic men fight with them [ok, probably an exaggeration]. If you put a Gaelic highlander with Vikings just because they were geographically relatively close together and share some partial ancestry (as of now), you may as well put a Mongol warrior as a “Samurai” because they’re both Asian and a Moorish marauder as a “knight” because they were in Spain for a good while during a time that could fit with the game. People would probably whine if no new classes were made also, but if you’re going to say “Viking” or “Samurai” then it does bother me putting something that is emphatically not a Viking and labeling him a “Viking.” And it's definitely not because there are limited options. Hell, they even included "Valkyrie" which is mythological. There are many other options that they could use.

Ultimately, these are just small things on top of the much bigger issues that everyone else is always talking about. Maybe the biggest thing is that it's been, what, 5 months and there are things that went unpatched. This game was unique so the devs had no real blueprint, but it was thoroughly alpha and beta tested, and the devs have openly admitted to many balancing issues then NEVER FIXED IT. NO CHANGE. Remember the time the devs admitted Kensei was a bad choice because he was so UP then they NERFED him? It's nonsense like that which ultimately killed this game. More than anything else, this game is a how-not-to-treat-your-game-and-player-base story that other devs and companies should take into mind. PLZ sell For Honor 2 to Bethesda or Blizzard... or anyone.