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07-18-2017, 01:37 AM
Its rare that i head to forums to complain. But why does it take months to receive or even hear about anything related to for honor? Season 3 is less than a month away yet nothing is posted about it.

As for updates don't get me started on "we have to wait for cert" i have seen games push out more content and patches through cert at a speed that is 10 times over what we get now.

I have played for honor since beta. I still even now believe it can get better. But whats the point. Not only does it take months for updates but the updates do nothing.

For example you listen to all the crying portion of your community and push updates for **** that is pointless. Like this Revenge update. Why nerf it yet give it a slight buff in areas it that wont matter anyway. What revenge needs is a huge buff to duration and immunity to CC during gankfests. No amount of what you do besides this will fix it. You will be shoved, kicked, stunned, pinned and guardbroken repeatedly.

I wont even get into character needing true nerfs such as LB and Cent. Right now we need a true fix to Revenge.

- Allow revenge duration to increase while being hit.

- Make revenge slow the person by 50 percent when they activate it it. Doing so prevents running away or chasing down targets.

- Remove increased damage while in revenge. It should be used to help prevent large ganks. Not as a tool to punish one or a few opponents.

- Make players in revenge immune from any sort of Crowd Control or place a cooldown that they can be affected by CC once the first CC comes out. Along with this they should have an increased time to react to external GBs.

Whta this will do is slow down gank squads. Attacking players will have to pull out for a second and wait for revenge to go away or look for an opening while it is up.

You truely do not have the data to correct revenge. It NEEDS to be a defensive last stand sort of thing.

Right now all the game is is constant 3 and 4 mans spamming punch, kick, bash, stun, shove and GB over and over and over again until they kill you.

Its truely a pointless mechanic at its finest.

You cant tell me that 2 LB and 2 Cents for example CCing you in a 1v4 situation is easily avoided. If you even tried one of the things i mentioned it would put us on a road to success.

As for character nerfs amd buffs think of it this way. Instead of nerfing a character leave it be and buff the others until you find a decent balance. Giving characters such as Bezerker, Valk, Warlord, Ken, Orochi, Nobushi and the other characters that are non meta a buff or new mixups you would find that they will fare better against LB, Cent, Raider, Warden etc...

Im done ranting. Give me some cool screens of season 3 so we can all hop on the hype train and forget about broken ****.

07-18-2017, 01:47 AM
Im done ranting. Give me some cool screens of season 3 so we can all hop on the hype train and forget about broken ****.

Here you go!


What? Did you think Season 3 would look any different?