View Full Version : Suggestions to make ganking less anoying without just buffing revenge.

07-17-2017, 08:16 PM
1) Make so moves that CC only allows for the one who makes it inflict damage. For instance, if you got swept by a valk or hugged by a Shugo, then until you get back up you can't be damageed by external attacks. Same goes for Raider charge, Conq shiled crush, Centurion etc ...

2) Make it so parrying an external attack charges the revenge meter twice as fast as a normal block.

3) Make it so external unblockable attacks deal less damage.

4) Make it so so external attacks after being guard broken inflict no damages during the period you can counter gb. This should allow to be invulnerable unless you don't counter the gb, cuz right now you can get hit just after being gg; which is quite boring.