View Full Version : NAT Confusion and Connection Issues

07-17-2017, 11:15 AM
Since Patch 1.09 my Nat type changed from yellow to green on PC. Since then i'm experiencing one disconnect after another. I'm 2-3 min in game and then i'm getting an error code to check my internet connection. With yellow Nat i had especiallly on PC disconnects too but now i literally cant finish one match. Today i started 2 Dominion PvP and 2 Skirmish vsAI MM. All have been disconnected due to this error.
At the same time on my Ps4 i have still a yellow NAT (how is this possible?!) and i'm experincing nothing like on PC. I gues im switching back to Ps4, but wow that is frustrating and i hope you guys dont mess it up on Ps4 aswell with 1.09. I will try another time on PC tomorrow but at the moment your game is unplayable for me. Thats just....