View Full Version : 2 things needed to make this game great.

07-16-2017, 12:25 AM
1. First and foremost. Fix connections and the 100' of little bugs. I'm sick of hire long it takes to get into games, then on top of it all the disconnects. Tall task but if ubi wants to have a successful game this should always be number one. In addition continuously monitor the hero balance, which I know they are constantly doing anyway

2. The game needs much more depth especially a variety of new game modes. Siege and king of the hill game modes would be sick. Im not a game Dev but i don't see why it would be so hard, just change the coding for Dominion a little and boom 2 more game modes. But I'm probably oversimplifying it.

After that give us more heroes maps executions and whatever else. The base heroes and core mechanics were good enough to run this game for a good while but they insisted on adding crap that took the game in the wrong direction. Fix the core then add. If they do this the game will succeed

07-16-2017, 12:32 AM
Ps. They also need to stop worrying about **** like rage quit penalties. Was playing elimination yesterday. 2 freezes "reconnecting" players. After the first, 2ppl leave or booted, after 2 freeze laggy af so I leave and boom 10 minute penalty. The quit penalty is a very poor excuse for their crappy netcode and P2P connections. They need to stop worrying about crap like this. Rework and continuously building the foundation, then expand the game to its full potential

07-16-2017, 12:55 AM
We're always trying to find ways to improve connections and network stability. It's never going to be one big-sweeping panacea, but with each update we try to improve things at least a little bit. It's a slow process that we unfortunately have to take to address all the problems, but we're doing our best to make it happen.

As for bugs, yes, there are definitely more than a few and some of them worse than others. Every time you all report a new bug to us Jurassic and I send back massive bug-reports, not to mention all the bugs you report to us through support. But some bugs are nastier than others, and sometimes they don't die, sometimes we can't catch them, and sometimes it's just really hard to kill the queen - so we hope you can understand and try to bear with us. We try to prioritize the worst of them first, and are doing everything we can to exterminate them in a timely manner.

New game modes will be available in the future, we're just focusing on ranked/tournament right now.

As for stuff like new heroes, new maps, etc - that was already pre-planned way, way in advance and isn't really something we can put off (see: season pass + DLCs), and weekly content is handled by teams that have nothing to do with our network or bug-teams. Just to give you some insight.

We'll take your feedback on how you feel the direction of the game went with S2 and take that in consideration for S3 though.

Edit: RQ-penalty is something that I feel should have been put into place since the beginning. We were a bit late to the party on that, and while there are still issues to be sorted (such as getting penalties when it's not intended), the overall improvement in gameplay experience and enforcement of player conduct is meant to benefit everyone in the long haul