View Full Version : How do you do it?

07-14-2017, 07:18 PM
Dear devs,
I would like to ask a simple question: how do you do it? How do you put out a fix which just makes everything worse? You know what a fix supposed to do? I'm sure you do.
Let me summarize what have i ran into since patch: The taking out of the input delay stuff: Now i was happy with this idea, you know i thought this will be good. Now what it is look like in game? Random indicators, thats what. Like three flashing gb icon, attack icon from the left which switches to the right (and much more). Congratulations, you "fixed" it! And you put back soft feints, because everyone liked that (SARCASM)!
And other "fix": more revenge in 1v1 fights! Because everyone likes that! And of course there is still revenge in duel modes, 'cause everyone certainly loves that! (Look i don't think i have to say this is sarcasm, but just to be sure: SARCASM)
And don't forget the sometimes random prestiges on face off: i don't give a damn sh*t about it but it's still a bug (i just can't get my hand on how did the game thinks i'm prestige 13 with a pres 5 char and 19 pres acc....).

Seriously, i'm ashamed of you, and mostly i'm ashamed of myself that i bought this game on full price... Like a pretty big chunk of your playerbase i feel scammed. And you dear UbiSoft employees should feel ashamed over this.

On the other hand: the new executions are exceptional, kudos for that to the team.