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07-14-2017, 05:26 PM
I'd love to see the return of the npc ship designs and maybe even the Beluga as high end ships. Maybe even make a quest or job chain out of building the old girl. I'd love to pilot the Beluga as she was meant too be used. it even makes sense for them to be their as fifty years would lower the price on a lot of them on a resale making the small quite backwater of Hillis a perfect place to resell to the local out dated but serviceable ships

07-15-2017, 07:16 AM
Hold your horses. The Beluga was built by Pey'j and Jades father.
Just that says basicly that the ship is unique and we do not know at which time that happend.

Chances are it is a quest tho to get some parts :) But I highly doubt to see a rework of the Beluga.
For sure the Beluga seems small then. Super unlikely to even steer the thing. But

I'm happy if I'm wrong as with many other things.

07-16-2017, 02:42 AM
There's a easy work around have them give you the beluga plan and build your own. plus if your going to flee in a unique ship and then store it away for years. why not have a copy owned by an infamous space pirate to draw all the attention their way.

07-16-2017, 09:23 AM
I believe that a rework would not be a Beluga anymore(I mean how would you rework that?^^).
Therefore I say we will might see parts of it but no finishhed ship.
Furthermore do we not know at which time the ship was built(I doubt that BGE2 will play over several years and the ship could have been finished between BGE2 and BGE1). I would see side quests that are like getting the latest experimental blueprints for this ship at max^^
We only know Pey'j who was involved and it sure looks like the Beluga is kinda a secret thing if you ask me(due to the fact it was hidden in BGE1). Double H mentions it got better gear than the military(better hide it then). And that is probably 50 years later of the BGE2 events.

Makes it quite unlikely to "have a copy owned by an infamous space pirate"
And who the hell says we will be infamous :D

On top of that I'm sure we buy/steal/get SpaceShips in this game rather than building one. Also Ancel said there is no fanservice. But hey just my view of this development says that this would get too complicated if they would tryhard trying to bring the Beluga as playable in the game if there are Beluga-like ships. Ancel said to the medium ship he showed off that it is like the Beluga. Take what you want from that, but for me that looks like a replacement.
In fact BGE2 does not need a flying Beluga. That is my point.
I'm fine with seeing the start of building it so that we have a start of the Beluga Story.

Having a Beluga yourself is so super unlikely. Just be prepared to not have a Beluga^^ Either way I think we would be all happy if we still would get one xD

07-16-2017, 01:58 PM
Reworking Pey'J for the 2008 teaser was definitely the larger feat. A Beluga redesign to fit in with the only slightly less quirky design philosophy of the seprequel should be a snap.

But this is a character they need and they do not need a full reworked Beluga, only if they want to do it.
On top there is no fanservice and if we are real we do not need the Beluga as ship. We want the origin.
If I were dev I would aim for the story and leave the Beluga as ship aside unless it would be needed somewhere, but with the information base we have that is my conclusion.

Kinda also works with the mentioned focus on the story.

07-16-2017, 06:15 PM
The "Beluga" isn't just one single ship, I don't think. Double H says "We used these ships during the Tha´r Campaign" (or something like that), and when you scan it with your camera, it DOES say "Tha´r Operation". So there's probably more, and I theorize Pey'j's "Beluga" is an early build/prototype...