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07-13-2017, 09:36 PM
A recent thread on the Origins side has me wondering: for those of you who like MD, what caused it? What event in the series changed your mind, and won you over to modern day stuff in a game that markets itself on historical simulations?

Personally, for me I first started appreciating MD at the end of the first game. The way that it set up the future of the series with a relatively intriguing cliffhanger really impressed me. However, I'd say I wasn't really hooked on MD (or the series in general) until the end of AC Revelations. For some reason, the final reveals in that game really made me excited for where the series was going (which ultimately had a minimal payoff, but I've enjoyed the ride ever since).

So, what would you say your own personal MD journey has looked like?

I liked the idea of MD before starting the series- For those who were expecting MD, and loved the idea of it

I enjoyed the MD on my first playthrough in AC1- For those unsure of the idea of MD, but immediately enjoyed it

I liked the idea of MD after beating AC1 - For those who didn't initially enjoy MD, but liked how it tied up the first game

I started liking MD through the Desmond/Ezio arcs- For those who enjoyed more the expanded role MD had in the third person Desmond action arcs

I started liking MD with the Floating Tablet- For those who liked the Abstergo Entertainment sections

I started liking MD with the Unity/Syndicate- For those who got hooked by the cutscenes in the most recent games

I started liking MD through hidden lore buried in the games- For those who liked other stuff, like the Citizen E events in Liberation

I started liking MD through media other than the games- For those who got hooked by stuff like the Titan comics, or last year's film

I like MD because of another event- For those who got hooked on something not otherwise included in this poll

I do not like MD in the AC series- - For those who still do not like MD, and never have

Sigma 1313
07-13-2017, 11:50 PM
I got my 360 in 2008 off of craigslist and got AC1 with it. It looked interesting enough, so I put it in and was really intrigued by the idea of playing as an assassin in the third crusade. I had played PoP before, so I was hoping it would be like that. Then as I start a new game I'm surrounded by women as I hear voices. I was so confused, then it jumped to Desmond waking up out of the animus yelling "bast@rds!". And somehow, that got me instantly hooked in the modern day. I then started playing through the game and loved the philosophical discussions in the past and modern day. I never have enjoyed the writing as much since, but the large amount of lore dropped in AC2 then made me a fan for life.

07-14-2017, 02:22 PM
I LOVED the concept of it in AC1, the mystery they built around it was so fascinating...then every game after, I liked it a little less each time, to the point where it became the lamest missions in the game that I just tried to whip through to get back to the historical, Animus parts.

Maybe it will change when I see what this one entails for MD, but it's unlikely. I have no interest at the moment at what MD will look like in Origins, I just hope they continue the recent trend of keeping it very minor.