View Full Version : Altair vs The Price: Why Altair Squashes The Prince

07-13-2017, 05:45 PM
Prince will lose to Altair.

People says Prince fought monsters from hell.
BUT, With the help of magic powers which were not his own.

This Prince was also aided by Elika.
and other version of Prince were also aided by Time Dagger and other magical powers which were not their own.

Without Magical powers, all Prince got is his acrobatic abilities.

whereas Altair was born in creed and made assassin since his childhood.
In Assassin's creed 1 Altair didn't had health bar but had Synchronization bar, Which means in history ALTAIR wasn't got hit even once. He was that perfect in fight and Assassination.

He killed a section of army of king Richard in last mission.
He defeated Al Mualim ( his mentor ) without APPLE whereas his mentor wielded APPLE against him.
He Killed Abbas men with just throwing knives.
He resisted countless Templar attacks on fort during his time and won every one of them.
and he studied with apple 30 years.
which means he is INDESTRUCTIBLE with Apple.
He was also most Badass in AC1 than any UBISOFT character.

in short, Prince will die like a ***** every time.

None of the Prince can defeat him by any means.

EDIT: *Prince* at the title.