View Full Version : Centurion still too strong.

07-13-2017, 05:24 PM
One missed Guess or Failed Parry and pew pew 70% Health is gone. Is that ur definition of Balance ?

07-14-2017, 12:19 AM
We do have more planned changes for Centurion, but those will won't be coming until a bit later, unfortunately.

07-15-2017, 12:38 AM
This is completely insane

Ubisoft, you guys know you have a problem with centurion, for too long to be left with out a permanent solution, and you don't do anything about it.
So if you don't fix it, is either because you are:

1.Very stupid
2.You don't care about the games you develop and it's player base.

I hope it's not both...

Really trying to like the game but...but this is going the wrong way, i can get over by you miserable network game design with lots of disconnects from games but having to play a game without balance for such a long time it's not for me.
Good luck you're going to need it.