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07-13-2017, 02:48 PM


We would like to hear your thoughts & feedback on exotics, mods, vanity & currencies in the game. We have put together a survey to gather more of your comments and feedback.

The survey is a little bit longer then some of our past surveys, but stick with it agents! We want as much feedback as possible and value it greatly!

The Division - Exotics, Mods, Vanity & Currency Survey (http://ubi.li/adhs8) (via SurveyMonkey)

As always, do not hesitate to provide your thoughts in this thread!

Thank you!

/The Division team

07-13-2017, 03:22 PM
Remove all purchasable exotics from the loot tables for sealed exotic caches and random exotic drops. It's incredibly frustrating to work your butt off only to be "rewarded" with an item that you could have simply purchased from the special gear vendor.

Edit: Another thought I had but forgot to mention in the survey. Right now it's easy to farm named bosses in the LZ for Caduceus, Tenebrae, and Skulls MC Gloves, since that's all they can drop, but maybe each named boss (in both LZ and DZ, I guess) could also have a chance to drop another specific exotic? It would be nice to have more guaranteed sources for each specific exotic item, if we're trying to farm/grind for it.

07-16-2017, 12:06 AM
I can't believe no one else decided to leave their suggestions.

New Vanity Item suggestions
Watch Glow- Different colors, hologram images, etc.
Backpack Strap Glow- same as the above but an individual option

Gear Mod Suggestions
Performance Mod that gives you 150 armor but no other benefits. These would help tank builds make a return and also help those who have otherwise good stats on their gear but low armor rolls.

New Exotic mods that aid specific playstyles but don't force them. Examples: Tech Rapid- Decreases cooldown for Tech skills by 15%. Signature Heavy- Decreases signature ability cooldown by 10%.

Exotic Weapon Suggestions
First off, all the exotic weapons need to have their base damage at maximum. Weapons like the Bullfrog with minimum base damage is worse than an M4 with medium Base damage and that shouldn't be the case.

Caduceus- Increase the healing to 3%. Give a second intrinsic perk of 10% Crit hit chance. This ensures that you will ALWAYS have a chance to heal with this gun, even if you lack the mods to help.

Liberator- Give the gun a new Free Talent so that it has benefit when used solo as well. (Freedom) Kills with this weapon remove negative status effects.

Warlord- This gun suffers from causing suicides more or less. Give it an additional benefit on the free perk. (Kills with this weapon can grant a small amount of Overheal that stacks until full) This would allow the damage taken to not be hazardous, so long as you are actually getting kills. As it would drain excess health instead of your normal health.

Pakhan- Add onto this talent. Give the gun significantly faster reload speed since it doesn't work with Lone Star.

Historian- Change the talent a bit. It currently builds on FA which is the most common, but still sees very little use. Change the stat to Stamina, and DOUBLE the amount of benefit from it. Deals 1400% of the Stamina total.

Tenebrae- Make this perk apply to destroying enemy skills OR weakpoints. Also, increase the damage it deals to enemy skills and weakpoints so that it actually gets regular use.

Cassidy- This is more so the weapon type, but it needs to deal significantly more damage. Enough to compete with DeadEye's bolt action.

Medved- Allow it to work with Sentry's Call, give it 50% increased headshot damage.

Showstopper- The more accuracy doesn't aid this gun much at all. It's supposed to be a gun that deals high damage but the base damage is too low. Increase base damage and accuracy by 20%, and change the perk to increased Stability and Damage the fewer shells you have left.

Midas- I understand why this gun does what it does, but it should punish the target a bit more than it does the player. Make it 2% on the target and 1% on the player. Give it a max of 40%, and increase the base damage. Using low rate of fire weapons is already punishing enough, it needs to have some kind of gain.

Tommy Gun- Increase the range, accuracy, and stability by 20% while hipfiring, and increase the base damage to be equal to the MP5. This makes up for the lack of a muzzle, underbarrel, or scope mod while also allowing the gun to be on par with the best of the best.

Thompson- Reverse the perk. Name it something like Careful. ADS damage is increased by 11%. Increased range, accuracy, and stability by 20% when ADSing.

Centurion- Give this gun a perk so that it functions well on its own. (Deep Impact) Bullets fired from this gun go through enemy shields. (Riot shields, ballistic shields, makeshift wooden shields, etc)

Damascus- Add on to the quickdraw perk. Let the bonus damage be applied upon reloading as well. Also, improve the timer to 5 seconds, not 2.

Golden Rhino- Improve the stagger and allow it to work full on in PvP. Each shot landed should increase reload speed.

Exotic Armor Suggestions
All stats rolled on Exotic armor needs to be maxed. The armor needs to be as high as possible, base stat, major atts, minor atts, need to be as high as possible. Otherwise these will NOT be able to keep up with Classified Gear sets.

Barret's Bulletproof Vest- Intrinsic + 15% Protection from Elites

Ferro's Oxygen Mask- Intrinsic +10% Resistance to Burn and Disorient

Skull's MC Gloves- Additional exotic gear adds increasing benefits. (Since these can't be used with gearsets, I think it should make a gearset out of exotics. This method allows new exotics to be brought in over every slot other than Gloves which means you can keep the flat damage increase that every gear set offers while still being able to mix and match the rest of your exotic armor.)
1 Piece= Adds 15% All Resistance
2 Pieces= +10% Enemy Armor Damage, +15% Damage to Elites
3 Pieces= +20% Reload Speed bonus
4 Pieces= Increases crit chance by 5%, Headshot damage by 10%, and crit damage by 15%.
5 Pieces= Each piece of gear grants 40% of Firearms and Stamina to Skill Power. (This allows a full 6 piece set of Exotic gear to grant the benefits of a Specialized Backpack)

Colonel Bliss's Holster- Intrinsic ability to swap to and from sidearms 50% faster. Holstering your Sidearm reloads it.

New Exotic Armor Suggestions (There are 14 Gear Sets, but exotics mix and match. So having at least 2 more exotics in each slot other than Gloves would allow for just as much customization if not more)

1. [Skill focus] 25% skill haste when taking cover. Tech Support and Death by Proxy Talents are Intrinsic.
2. Doubles the effects of Health on Kill while no set bonuses are active.

1. Consumables apply to the entire team.
2. [DPS focus]- ADS increases damage by 8%.

1. [Tank focus] Armor increased by 25% when dodge rolling and moving cover to cover.
2. Take no damage from heights. No dodge roll cooldown.

1. Improves the effectiveness of all Percentage based Non Exotic perks by 5%. (Affects Responsive, Fierce, Sustained, Swift, etc. Does not affect Uncomplicated, Glutton, etc.)
2. [Medic Focused] Carry 2 more Medkits, Combat Medic and Battle Buddy Talents are Intrinsic.

1.[Skill Focus] Increases the deployment range of all abilities by 10 meters. Affects First Aid, Sticky Bomb, Smart Cover, Mobile Cover, Turret, Seeker Mine, Support Station. Also increases the duration of all abilities by 5 seconds. (A first aid shot on the ground will linger for 5 seconds longer.

1. [Viable Sidearm focus] Increases Sidearm damage, stability, range, and accuracy by 35%. Killing a target with a Sidearm reloads it.
2. [Tank focused] Taking cover immediately kickstarts health regeneration and increases armor by 25%.

07-26-2017, 05:46 PM
"What do you like about Gear Mods"

Uhhhh.... what? They mod gear. What else is there to say?

09-22-2017, 04:09 PM
I liked taking this survey, however, it was quite a bit overwhelming. Tried filling it out on my mobile. Through in the towel until I the desktop was available. A suggestion for future surveys would be to have a "skip" option for a question, or rank. Possibly with a comment box.

Some of the questions I had absolutely no significant opinion on. Ranking all of the exotics specifically in order was my least favorite aspect.

All in all, good survey and I hope helpful information was mined from it.

10-02-2017, 03:57 AM
I liked taking this survey, however, it was quite a bit overwhelming. Tried filling it out on my mobile. Through in the towel until I the desktop was available. A suggestion for future surveys would be to have a "skip" option for a question, or rank. Possibly with a comment box.

Some of the questions I had absolutely no significant opinion on. Ranking all of the exotics specifically in order was my least favorite aspect.

All in all, good survey and I hope helpful information was mined from it.

I did this survey as well and agree that was certainly the least fav part (exotics). Some of them I don't even use nor did I know what even half of them even were....had heard of them but that's it.

12-20-2017, 03:16 PM
Consistency is the key for Exo drops.

12-30-2017, 09:20 AM
why dont u ask us, the players, about the chinese/korean/thaiwan chat spam all day ? so much that u barely can read any english stuff at all ? why u dont ask us, how frustrating it is, in the DZ to compare against botters ? why u dont ask us, about the fact, that this game is totaly unbalanced in case about division tech, exotic dropps, cuz u get dropps u can even buy .why dont u ask us for the massive ammount of mobs spam, right behind a player when he passed the map spawn trigger ?

but yeah the exotic dropps u can buy, we dont need as loot at all
we dont need a 4th or 5th currency...we got bird coins, and normal currency, isent this enough ?
iam sitting on 432 million of credits, what iam supposet to do with them ?
we can need a 3rd weapon slot ( not a pistol slot i mean ) on the lesft side of the backpack is 1 more palce for it
we definatly need a changing in the chat system. we need different chats for aisa region and europe/usa region

as for mods :
there are tooo much mods arround at all
the weapon mods are ok, but i think , they should be handled on another way .
the stats on the mods are totaly useless for example
a silencer should not alarm other npcs at all.
a magazine should ONLY give u more bullets or a faster changing of the mag
a scope should not give crit dmg or any other stuff.
all these stats we got on mods, could go on the weapon itself as talents we can roll , like the ones on the gear.
gear mods :
there should be no weapon mods for gear. or electronic mods .
stamina mods should provide armor, and resistanz.
the other mods ( support mods ) are ok .

the exotics :
exotics are a rare item, a leggendary one. at last it should be
so there should be at last rare talents and leggendary talents on it,
and not only 1 of them....cant be that a leggy weapon is not used cuz it has 2 crappy basic talents and the 3rd leggy talent is crapp too