View Full Version : Customizable ships, upgrades, interior decoration and personal flags

07-13-2017, 01:47 PM

just wondering what everyone's ideas are on personalized ships like being able to change specific colors and items.

I had the idea of having the larger ships interiors being changeable not just aesthetically but also mechanically. Such as being able to build a relaxing area for your crew in which you could maybe play a card game, the pellet game from BG&E1 and also the cup memory game. Other things might be like a mechanic workshop where you can fine tune smaller vehicles and change the color, speed and decorations.
These areas in the ship could be simply brought like there would be an open space in the ship and once you get enough money you could buy it.

For customizing ships i have this idea of a larger Mammagos garage, one where you would actually need to fly inside of it to change the ships design but for smaller vehicles maybe just pull up outside. I don't know how far i would go with the customization of the ships, maybe just a few color changes and maybe some spray paints. But the big aspect i would love is a personal flag (you will be a pirate after all). Something like with other games that really let you choose your crews identity, who knows maybe you will even be able to name your pirate gang and see that name pop up around the world or even in other players games if you get notorious enough.

I'd love to hear others ideas because the game so far seems to really revolve around YOUR ship.

Thank :)

07-13-2017, 02:55 PM
I could see like buying addons for the ship and stuff but nothing more.
I do not think it will be made with that many modules. But I'm happy if I get proven wrong.

I think the ship gets more MassEffect style where you go around and talk to the crew.

07-14-2017, 06:01 AM
This will greatly destroy the atmosphere of the game, because most have no taste, but unfortunately there is the Internet that would all show it. I'm for what would have been only ready-made presets from the developers. For other lovers of interiors there is Sims

07-19-2017, 10:06 AM
I think it'll be awesome to put some elements of customization in the game, especially with your flag, i want to have the feeling through the adventure that my crew is unique, that it's evolving, growing and gets more powerful with time. The game should include enough customization without taking off the emotion from the characters, the story etc...

07-19-2017, 10:42 AM
I think the way the flag is is already unique in the game. I'm not for changing it on the big ship but maybe customize the smaller ones you park in it.
We will see. Game can't have everything^^ if it does that is a crazy amount of work.

Maybe import own pngs or something would be nice.

07-23-2017, 09:34 AM
In my eyes any customization that we get will be good. The ships look like a very important part of the game so being able to make them your own with customization would help attach people to the game.