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07-11-2017, 09:24 PM
Program Stan is way overpowered for the cost. He's simply too fast, too strong, and can freeze many ememies too frequently.

Manbearpig is crazy strong. I don't know what it costs to cast him, but if its less than 6 he also needs a nerf.

Everything else seems fairly balanced to me! What do you guys think?

07-12-2017, 03:21 PM
Completely agree on manbearpig, anyone find counts to him (aside from Inuit Kenny).

Edit: my current counter is to close the game and search for a new opponent

07-14-2017, 09:17 AM

Manbearpig can also be pwned by spells.

* Unholy Combustion (5 energy, Mystical) puts him to sleep in 1 hit.

* **** Magic (4 energy, Fantasy) makes him a chicken, along with everyone else on the battlefield.

I feel like the spellcard Purify (1 energy, Mystical) is too overpowered. It's worth for the player to just cleanse 1 character from a freeze or such. If you poison their whole team using 4-5 energy and maybe mindcontrolling one of them (around 5 energy) they can just get rid of that using 1 energy. Way to good, make it cost 2-3 energy.

Off topic; A spellcard I miss in the game is something that makes your whole team invulnerable to damage (excluding your avatar). Would be cool to be able to counter things like a Rogue Token's warcry or the dreadful assassin destroyer "Arrowstorm", with a quick finger. Make it cost 5 energy and assign it to the Fantasy-faction. :)


07-27-2017, 09:55 PM
Manbearpig has been nerfed a bit not sure how much, but I find him pretty easy with rats and pigeons, can easily destroy him with those on him as he is a slow attacker. What I am finding to be hugely imbalanced is primarily Stan of Many Moons, he's aoe is instant and basically kills every single card you have out assuming you aren't tanking it up. Even if you changed it to an aoe fire dot that could be purged it'd make it possible to win against him, otherwise he's basically a gg the second he's played.

07-28-2017, 06:03 PM
Just going to quickly make a list of what I think needs a nerf.
1. Stan of Many Moons - His aoe does way too much damage and other than canceling his power charge is basically an instant win if started behind the user.
2. **** Magic - You can play no cards, wait till the enemy has played several and you basically win the fight doing that once or twice. Either need to decrease the targets changed into chickens (2 max I could say) or highly increase the health and damage of chickens so it doesn't make every card instantly useless and at level 8-10 2 player shocks kills a chicken that does roughly like 5 dmg a hit.
3, Nathan - His ranged needs to be lowered and possibly decrease his area of effect. He can hit the enemy from across the field which is quite the joke.
4. Mecha Timmy - While I am hesitant to add Mecha Timmy as I don't know his card cost I feel without power bind or an instant kill spell on him he destroys everything. It's difficult to say how to change him, maybe shorten the control or make his charge length longer but I'm not sure. I don't see him often and when I do I instant power bind or lightening bolt him.
5. Program Stan - Again a card I'm not sure about adding to the list, but for beginners to the game fighting against Program Stan is total hell, if you don't power bind him he is total chaos and will insta-kill all the rats/pigeons under level 3 for pigeons or 2 1/2 for rats, which obviously beginners don't have. Again a card I feel may be slightly difficult to nerf, either make his aoe not throughout the whole battlefield or even just reduce the dmg by a few points so it doesn't kill all the swarms instantly.
6. Energy Staff - While this card is kind of a corner-stone to my deck I find it kind of ridiculous, any card that boosts energy makes fights pretty unbalanced, without a lightening bolt you either hard to straight up zerg them and hope to win quick or you often will lose slowly. I have no real idea how to nerf this card though without making it totally useless. I haven't done the math to figure out how much additional energy this provides.

That is my current list of cards I see as creating an unfair advantage if you use them. At higher pvp ranks yes they grow a little weaker (excluding **** Magic which is always an utter joke) but still could use some work.

The only card I have yet to ever see is Witch Doctor Token and judging by how hard it was in level 25 I hopefully never will see it.

08-25-2017, 09:11 PM
can you guys please upload a picture of manbear pig in game (card and character) please
where can I get him?

09-09-2017, 12:29 AM
Not sure why everyone is so anti ManBearPig... I have him but don't even use him. The 7 cost is too much when he can easily be cleared off the board for 5 energy

10-02-2017, 03:12 AM
Arrow Storm

11-05-2017, 01:04 AM
The diference of themes of the cards are unbalance. I cant won against mystical cards using sci-fi, adventure or neutral cards on the same level (i dont have fantasy cards yet, and i didnt fight against them) on pvp. And I notice that healling cards are to OP, I tihnk these cards should be nerfed.

looks like this diference was for purpose to make pve dificult when you reach the other theme, but if the ideia is that would be better they just change the level of the cards to make it harder, and not make unbalanced between themes

11-05-2017, 08:16 AM
Hookhand Clyde can be considered OP IMO. For it's cost, stats and the effect it's too good. Its basically a one shot against a lot of units and on top of that give you a pretty decent unit on the board. Compared to Outlaw Tweek there is simply no reason for Outlaw Tweek to exist when this card does. Outlaw Tweek does AOE damage yes but the range is so small its negligible.

11-12-2017, 09:59 PM
Jesus christ Witch Doctor Token played with Robin Tweek is a ****ing gg, Dont even talk about arrow storm it oneshots nearly everyone on the Field

11-16-2017, 04:51 PM
Cyborg Kenny ---- Generally he'll cost the enemy a unit when he dies due to the MC, duration is far too long.
Hookhand Clyde ---- Not really OP.... but too random, his hook practically 1 shots everyone not a tank.... but as its random its wasted if it hits a tank or new kid. Far to RND dependent.
Choirboy Butters ---- Seems to have far better stats/faster attack than other assassins. He might just always be hitting first but he seems always beat other assassins 1v1.

Quite a few of the other cards seem very unbalanced vs similar cards from other decks (Angel Wendy seems all round better than Medicine Woman Sharon for example)
Not really OP, just unbalanced. MWS is very weak in this example.

11-18-2017, 07:30 PM
Since there is not a way yet ( i think ) to craft cards, legendary cards are very privileged . I have Unholy Combustion just for cards like MBP or Wizard Cartman
but to be honest, since these cards are for the P2W guys which i assume are high rank and I'm only 22 I-don't-give-a-****
there are actually only 3 cards I find very poorly designed

Arrowstorm ( a global fireball... lol! )
Hookhand Clyde ( can kill a 4cost and stays with decent stats )
Cyborg Kenny, Kenny is a cruel joke. Whoever thought "10 secs is OK" has probably never played any other game in his life.

P.S. I know we are in a very unstable state since the game is so fresh, but i don't believe South Park can run their graphics with Ubisoft but has no money to invest on testers and client issues. That reminds me the release of Pokémon GO, so many bugs, so poorly made and I ( among several millions ) stopped it in the first month. Cmon :/

12-20-2017, 03:59 AM
just check them again

12-20-2017, 04:02 AM
Cost 5 and kills instally anything

12-26-2017, 08:03 PM
Stan the great is to powerfull, at least take less power or make it more expensive, and regeneration shouldnt affect all chars, to be fair should affect the same area has poison does