View Full Version : Move all gamer commands to 1 controller.... solve this issue for disabled players

07-11-2017, 02:36 PM
Currently I use Rift but that shouldn't matter. This is 2 parts:

Part 1)

The button for opening options for player to exit or change settings (currently left hand) should be swapped with the 'command'/voice active button (currently right side).

The reason is all the other 'game' commands are on the left side except that one. and optional commands are right side.

Part 2)

Along WITH Part 1 the ability to swap right/left should be available.

Both these are relating to playablity by disabled, which I am.
I can only use 1 hand and by using the design the way it is the one command that would be handy for disabled is blocked because you put it on the other hand.

Ultimately the ability for the user to map their own keymapping on their controller makes even more sense