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07-10-2017, 07:00 PM
The issues:
Client Desyncs
Hit Reg
Laggers (Including lag switches)

Client Desyncs:
Walls, and player models. Player model desyncs are what creates the peekers advantage, but it's getting so out of hand that people are getting kills by shooting at the air where operators used to be when they go into cover. Walls and window boards are still breaking differently for multiple clients, allowing one player to see through, and the other can't. It gets so bad that the second side of a wall will fail to break for 1 person, that person thinks its still not broken, then gets shot up (such a fun surprise to be on the recieving end of).

I see the following a lot:
Shots on body making hit sound and not registering. (Received and Sent)
Blood comes from the body and leaves a blood spatter on the wall behind, no damage (Killcam shows no blood on wall, client cameras and first person view see blood on the wall)
Ghost hits (player is not visible on enemy screen / enemy is not firing at player when player is killed).
Hitreg is even broken offline.

Anyone with a ping over 120 makes anything I mentioned above sooo much worse.
People are adding network saturation scripts to their right click and peek buttons so they will get a better peekers advantage.
People with really bad lag (200 - 300 with estimated 25%+ packet loss) will literally teleport.

Overall I've been seeing more and more bugs come from operation health than I have seen from any other thing this company has done. Things like diffuser falling through ground, people falling out of Chalet, bugs with bullet penetration, etc.

How many more times are you going to say: "This bug will be fixed" and then release a patch without an actual fix?

Im getting really sick of this and its making the game unplayable. When streamers are airing episodes such as "This game is broken" and segments like "Daily Rainbow six bull of the day" you know there is a fundamental issue in the core of your game.