View Full Version : We analyze the parry, part 1: parry of a heavy.

07-10-2017, 09:22 AM
After a parry of a heavy attack, usually a GB + heavy is almost guaranteed for everyone (except PK and rider).
What alternatives would all heroes have if this was no longer guaranteed? ( in that case, not included Gb + projection to wall fire etc..)

Warden: lights attacks+ bash
Rider: Gb + foward projection (reduce stamina).
kensei: dash + light (right timing)/ GB+ stun projection + "destiny of kensei" tattics.
Conqueror: shield Bash ( note: this hero no need parry for free GB after enemy heavy attack).
Warlord: high distance projection/ shield attack (reduce stamina + stun).
Shugoki: GB+ special Heavy (exception).
Pk: GB+ Bleeds attacks
Berseker: light/ GB + projection( do dmg) note: only the GB after deflect should garantee heavy.
Orochi: 2 top lights .
LB: large number of tattics after parry and after block.
Valk: light + light for sweep tattics( not garantee)/ GB + projection + sweep (garantee).
Nobushi: light + kick/ GB+ projection + bleed attack (garantee).
Cent: large number of tattics.
Shinobi: bleed light attack.

This is the proof that: to start making a defensive meta nerf, you have to analyze part by part: first, starting from the heavy parry, it would be enough just not secure the heavy attack after the GB, this would give a remarkable difference in tactics between Various heroes making it all less repetitive (this is not the only thing to analyze to make the nerf on the defensive meta, i repeat again, but it's a part). what do you think?