View Full Version : Stop with turtle meta ideas!!

07-08-2017, 08:45 AM
Hello to everyone: I put that title by letting you attract your attention and that of the moderators.
Despite the remarkable number of ideas, after a month, nothing is new is born about the "defensive meta" patch form the DEV's, why?
The thing is more complicated than you think: unfortunately every hero has its own particular mechanics (specifically the vanguard), that is, techniques or moves that are used to find an opening in enemy defense, so the simple nerf or buff of Parry and Chip DMG (for example) isn't enough: you have to make sure the modification does not alter their mechanics.
In summary, before you put an idea on the turtles, learn all the specific techniques of each hero, if your idea does not alter then you can propose it in the forum :). My is not a criticism, but a warning for all those who want to make it useful for FH's good