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07-07-2017, 02:08 PM
Hi everyone. I have been playing since open beta, Mostly orochi. this game is by far ground breaking. the devs did something really great and i feel we havent seen the complete for honor yet. as they saw it when they planed it. As implementation takes time. And i am looking forward to see how the game evolves. Also wanna thank the community reps for communicating with us. playing on ps1 and ps2 we as players didn't have that luxury. We simply had to deal with the game as it was sold. Before i share my opinion and what my hopes for the game route, I ask the dev team and the community reps to give us an insight on what the complete picture of for honor would at it's complete stage.

What i like about the game is how the chose the 3 most loved factions from history and had them face each other. you can really feel that you are the hero you are playing and that you are engaged in the action as well. and the battle art is something that is truly wonderful and well thought of. i can see myself playing the game for many years to come no doubt.
I also feel that the game should cater to the hardcore players, Meaning that the game should be harder to learn and master for new players. just liek in DARK SOULS. After all its a fighting game based on skills not casual play. With all the hate centurion gets, I wont be true to my self if i say i dont wish all heros to have the same fluid motion and chianed attacks. I would only add one more thing, The ability to attack after a block directly with a chance for the opponot to block my attack. in my opinion this will make the battle more intens and intresting. no reason for free attacks in certin situations. achance to attack and be counter attacked while also haveing the chance to block or recounter the counter attack. Here is the player skills comes into play. In outsmarting your oppont by skill and combat knowledge not by cc and guaranteed gaurdbreaks or attacks in certin situations.
And perhaps we might see more factions added in the future, With a hero roster reach to 40 heros or more.
Alll heros shouldn't be the same, But every hero should have a chance to defend and react in any situation. if the player himself missed his oppourtonity then thats his fault and he or she will get better with time. and also every move in the hero move set should be usuable. I dont beleive any hero right now is op or others are underpowered. its just that
Some heros have fluid fighting style with more options while others lack that. and still we see good players for each hero. so imagine if all heros have their own unique kit buffed and ready for any situation 1v1 - 1v2 - 1v3 - 1v4. but still no hero is above or under another hero in temrs of advantages or disadvantages. ofcourse now one is guaranteed a win in outnumbered fights but atleast they should have some sort of way to hold thier own untill help arrives or they reduce the enemy group one by one if the palyer is skilled enough. Once againe i thank teh for honor team and community reps for this wonderful game and looking forward for the devolepment of it.


07-08-2017, 12:38 AM
Thanks for the feedback and the love! Will see that the team hears about it too! Many of the suggestions you've given are very much long-term projects that we would have to take under consideration for future changes, but appreciate the thought and sentiment!