View Full Version : Bayek's Strange Animation While Riding Horse

07-07-2017, 04:16 AM
Personally, I can't wait for the game and love virtually everything I've been seeing from hunting to being able to dive underwater and loot. However, I'm not going to lie. There's been something that has been bugging me every time I see it. I try to look past this animation but it irritates and confuses me the more I watch: and that's Bayek's animation while riding the horse.

The main problem I have is seeing his arm pulled back in some kind of heroic fashion while he's mounted on the horse. No one will go around riding a horse like that. It just looks stupid and funny. Initially it looked kind of cool but then after awhile I had to ask myself "is he going to put his arm idown?" I really wish the guys at the studio would change or alter it in some way. I know they spent hours iterating and getting sp many elements of the game (small and big) just right but honestly, how can any animator or programmer watch him like that for an extended period and think it's... cool? Yes, I know it's ultimately a matter of preference and opinion at the end of the day however it ultimately becomes distracting with his arm in the air. I think Bayek would come across just as cool and awesome if he had his hands on each and looked normal like in any other game or film that preceded it.

Again it really bothers the mess out of me and I'm curious to know what everyone thinks. Other than that I think Ubisoft Montreal is knocking it out the park with all the other animations and combat abilities. For example, I love the way Bayek runs and take wields his weapons; very forceful and vicious, and incredibly dynamic.

But yeah guys, what are your thoughts on how Bayek looks while mounted on a horse? Could it be improved or is it fine the way it is?

07-07-2017, 02:40 PM
I'll have to watch some more gameplay, I hadn't really noticed it in the past.

07-07-2017, 09:41 PM
I know what you mean i first saw it and i was like that just looks weird, then i found out it's because if you don't move for a while the eagle lands on that arm. So he kinda has it out for Senu. Although i think the developers got lazy when it came to that, i'm sure they could have added an animation to make it look more natural and when senu flys to Bayek, his arm would then come out for her to land on