View Full Version : Decks don't maintain card position (or have any discernable order either)

07-06-2017, 11:47 PM
Why allow placing cards in specific positions in the deck builder if the cards will just be scrambled the next time the deck is viewed? They don't seem to be sorted in any meaningful way either they're not sorted by name or theme, and they're not ordered by power cost. There must be some reason they end up this way, but it looks completely random to me. This violates one of the most basic principles of UI design if a user puts something somewhere, it should stay there.

I was trying to arrange my decks to group cards by type (tank, fighter, ranged, assassin, spell), which makes it easier to see how many of each you have, but alas, all cards positions are lost as soon as I leave the deck builder and come back (or even just switch to another deck and back).