View Full Version : Hope future games will stop punishing non-stealth players and reward all styles

07-06-2017, 12:10 PM
This is just my general feelings of farcry as a whole after playing it ever-since instincts. This never used to be a problem for me, and I loved I got more rewards when I used stealth but that was before several installments of the series and the weapons got more interesting and my realization that others who may want to play it differently may feel they are being punished by the game for it or missing out. Im one of those who when I approach an outpost with my pimped out weapon I feel guilty and instantly switch to the bow.. I may sometimes storm the outpost now a days kill almost everyone, let the last guy kill me and then re-do it with stealth so I can get the extra credit for doing it that way and frankly I'm starting to feel I shouldn't have to be made to feel that way at all and if Im good a gunning things down and not dying maybe that should get rewarded as well.. I appreciate that FC5 is continuing the trend of giving players more freedom to finish and do thing the way they want to, however in previous games just cause something was not forbidden didn't mean many would choose other interesting approaches when there seems to be the most rewards attached to stealth gameplay. I love stealth gameplay but in a game with so many interesting weapons and customization its annoying to be limited to a few of them if I want to get the most recognition form the game. Positive reinforcement that you get from doing the outposts the way they want you to is what keeps me from going in guns blazing ever and restarting or letting my self get killed just to retry...

I can appreciate were they are coming from in regards to Reconnaissance and stealth. It was much fun in the other 5 farcry games Ive played however its gotten to the point now were sometimes I want to just be able to use those cool firearms and sometimes humorous weapons or traps without feeling like Im missing out on something or it means Im not as good as others according to the game.. When I complete and outpost and it shows that I missed out on getting extra credit because of wanting to change up game style.. its bothersome.. I think skill and doing things that are hard to pull off should be rewarded with positive reinforcement, or other in-game rewards but not just stealth.. So a hypothetical Rambo style player who can pull off things that are not easy at all, should get a reward for that too.. Heck sometimes in all honesty the Rambo style is more difficult then being stealthy... Please know im not against the stealth-aspects at all, not one bit. Im glad you can be stealthy but I think in a game like this any game-style should be supported.. Besides stealth is used by so many players in this game series I dont think you need to punish anyone who dosnt use it or overly reward those who do and do it well unless your doing to reward other who do well in other styles of playing..

Im being pretty redundant my apologies.. Anyways some basic ideas are

Keep the current rewards for no alarm or detection but add a bunch more. the xp gains would have to be balanced out of course so that a stealth player wouldn't be cheated out of xp and a non-stealth player wouldn't either same with mixed players.. may not be so easy but it would make outposts better imo, they already are fun but having to always beat them the same way to feel your getting the most reward is a bit overwhelming.. some styles may still end up getting a bit more then others but this way it may be less noticeable right..

BUT add more...

These could even be something like collectible medals or badges or some kind of state that may do nothing (beyond the small xp increase) then being simple stats or status items, barging rights.. positive reinforcement, accolades or whatever.. maybe they could be sell-able.. I don't know I'm just spitballing here.

add rewards for effective gun-play during outposts or other ways of clearing it

reward ideas: the game would obviously need some way of detecting and looking for them, knowing when to start tracking and not so you dont get a bunch of errors and rewarded when your not clearing the outpost anymore or long abandoned it and it dosn't conflict with when you come back... like maybe after the first kill or upon entering and stopping upon exiting for a certain amount of time.

Outpost cleared - you cleared the outpost

fort cleared - you cleared the fort

No alarms - duh...

Undetected - you didn't get spotted

saboteur - you not only didn't set off an alarm you also crippled or disabled all or most alarms

one love - For not switching weapons

Weapon Master - For using 4 different weapons (or five which would mean you need to pick up a downed guys gun)

demolition - For using only or many explosives

steady aim - For displaying great accuracy

Iron wall - For clearing the outpost without leaving its perimeter

front-line - For clearing the outpost of enemies completely form the inside

trickster - For indirectly killing all or most of the guards with at least one trap being employed (mines, blowing up cars, cain reactions, setting open a cage of animals, ect) and the rest indirectly however it happens as long as its indirect..

NINJA - For killing all guards with ONLY melee attacks ( counting take-downs or knife throw take down chains)

Inferno - Use fire based weapons to kill around two thirds of the enemies.

dancing with the wolves - kill two thirds of enemies with a bow, (or wolf lol)

Survive - no death during outpost

SOLO - For completing the outpost solo

Co-op For completing the outpost co-op (only if it increases its difficulty otherwise solo only should get a reward outside of maybe a throphie for the first time)

Acrobat - kill two thirds of the enemies while in the air (shooting or another way) (or using death from above)

People under the stairs (sorry movie reference) any other name would be better lol - for using death from below more then 4 times.

Loki - For causing a ridiculous amount of enemy friendly fire deaths. (if applicable)
Scarface - your bullets do nothing to me! - For taking a ridiculous amount of damage but still not dying (more then 5 maxed life-bars worth
Jack of all triads - for getting more then a certain number of other rewards in the same outpost (this would reward them for trying many different things in one setting would be small reward I think though considering the others would add up on there own but that's all up to the balancing folks to figure out if anything like this is ever implemented in a FC game)