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07-04-2017, 04:27 PM

First I used footage from two other youtube videos, cropped the videos and cut specific areas out for this, I had no other way to get footage and had been given the all clear to discuss the extended demo which we played at the Ubisoft Lounge in L.A.

So if you want to see the original videos they are here.



The crazy thing is that when we played the E3 Demo you automatically walk forward to the mission where you liberate Falls End, this guy turned around and went the opposite way and the map was open for him to explore as Dan Hay said in a recent video you can go where you want in the world from the start.

So although the town was not liberated I am guessing the Spread Eagle bar will still be under the cults control but other missions were available and he found a fishing point in the game.

Playing the extended demo.
I was free to travel within a set radius, so there were some boundaries and if you went beyond them after a few seconds the screen went black and you restarted the demo Ė Staying within the boundaries I was free to try out some fishing and also go meet Nick where I got the chance to fly a plane (not going to go into story details on how I got to the plane)

So with the fishing I could see a fishes movement in the water and cast out near it, I found it easy to hook a fish but canít say I was the best at landing a fish, I did snap the line a couple of times but eventually caught one Ė one tactic with a bigger fish might be to tire it out first.

Fishing was interesting but it might need extras such as issuing challenges to friends when you catch a large fish to see if they can beat your catch or maybe special fish that unlock specific things which can be found in different areas, we were not told how the fishing works in the game so am sure they will have it covered and give us a reason to keep fishing.

I donít play videogames using a headset but the demo had this set up, I have to say that the sound was superb there was one instance where I heard ducks quacking and flying and my head just followed the noise which resulted in me looking up at the corner of the room, I felt an idiot but really the sound is brilliant, on another occasion there was a plane flying overhead I could hear it but couldnít see it so I was frantically looking around pointing the gun into the sky.

After fishing I jumped into the water and swam downwards, the light faded and sound distanced itself as I got deeper Ė that is another thing that really impressed me a lot the lighting, there is a bridge in the Demo which you can go under on foot and as you go under it gets darker with the light at either end getting brighter, also in the church I thought it looked brilliant.
I did some silly things such as wandering into some woods (clusters of trees) and pointing the gun into the air strafing slowly from one side to the other, the sun rays were shining through the trees and getting bigger / brighter as I got closer to the end, FC5 has impressive visuals Ė maybe it was the PS4 Pro and a nice TV that made things better, whatever it was I am impressed.

I had boomer the dog at this point and jumped into a vehicle, as I drove the dog followed so I picked up the speed and the dog ran faster, I slowed down and the dog did the same, turning around I reversed at speed and again the dog followed, I noticed some plants which you could collect they looked different from the ones in FC4 I believe that thousands of images were taken for the trees / plants etc to look as they should for that location.

The horn is back when driving vehicles Ė yay.
The fences seemed to smash everywhere as I drove through them in a vehicle, on seeing a cow in a field I just had to go in and throw a baseball bat 2 handed into its face Ė sorry but these things have to be done to see what reaction you get.
The cow shook and looked frightened then moved away; going closer it was stressed and charged at me so I legged it out of the way.
Wandering again on foot into some woods you can see the light very faintly fade and some light fog made the area feel a little more dense it was a good atmosphere, another thing is the color everything is so colourful but natural with it not over the top Ė it didnít feel out of place so whoever has been doing all this work is making the world believable and doing a really good job of it.

So flying the plane it was really easy in fact it felt too comfortable, the only thing that got me was turning at first, I was trying to shoot down another plane and it went on for some time until I hit the floor and crashed, on my 2ndattempt I pressed the brake in the air and turned then applied the accelerator and this was all I had to do to make such a big difference I was able to catch and shoot down the plane so much faster and felt like I then had ultimate control of the plane.
I landed the plane on 2 occasions it is quite robust, the view around is very good you even see some mist / thin cloud which you can fly through.
So when in combat you have normal bullets and also a missile you can fire then there is a bomb you can drop and an option to view from a bomb cam whenever you want to see directly below.

While travelling on the roads I did see some enemy vehicles that will attack if they see you so the enemy are all over the area.
I did see some deer and ran one over; I was able to skin the animal but didnít take any notice of the animation or what I was given.
The mini map is gone but the compass more than makes up for it, you can still put a way point on the compass and missions can show up as do the enemy, anything tagged and dead things which have not been looted, again the compass felt so easy to use I never missed the mini map at all.

As I have said about the E3 Demo when playing it the smoke, fire, explosions are all bigger and better, A.I. feels fiercer and they move in a more confident manner, I believe that the actual player speed is a tiny fraction quicker, auto aim made it very easy to get kills I wonder if there will be any difficulty levels where it isnít as easy to get kills if you choose a higher difficulty.

Rock throwing is still available so you can throw rocks and play in a stealthy way if you wish.

Driving the vehicle was back to the older Far Cry games using the right and left triggers to accelerate and brake, I hope we get an option to map the controls as I preferred the FC4 method using the left analogue stick on the controller to go forwards / backwards.

It has already been mentioned that the world map is 3D and is the biggest yet so overall Far Cry 5 is looking to be something very special, Vaas was a brilliant character so Joseph has his work cut out but as far as the game goes I loved FC3ís story but this small section of the game we were lucky enough to play already has me thinking itís in good hands and will eclipse previous games and possibly be the most successful of the Far Cry games to date Ė looking forward to the next release of info they release.

The 8 of us who went to E3 and played the extended demo are all under NDA so I had to get permission to post this info, feel free to ask any questions as the other guys might have seen things I missed and will no doubt have played things a little differently.