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07-04-2017, 03:33 AM
Hey my fellow Trekkies, roleplayers, and gamers, I'm Maplewonder. Just to start off, I've been a hardcore trekkie my entire life (I'm 32, so you can prob guess which show I started with). So when this game was announced, I like many of you saw this as a dream come true. A chance to step into the universe of Trek in unparalleled immersion and command a state of the art starfleet vessel. Now before I continue, I must say: I am completely amazed by what Red Storm and Ubisoft has put together. The attention to detail, voice commands, balance, and authenticity is amazing! There is nothing more satisfying than saying engage and going to warp.

That said, let me get to it: As a mostly solo, I am perplexed in the lack of voice control you have over the helm. I have lurked here for awhile so I know the 'answer' to the question of navigating, but damn... can I just say: "helm turn 340" or "evasive maneuvers" when enemy torpedoes are inbound... or as suggested before, draw a course on the local screen to 'plot a course'? Please, can I haz?

As others have mentioned, the single player and ongoing voyages are a bit shallow. Don't get me wrong, they are fun but missions tend to become repetitive and predictive. Combat lacks that kind submarine warfare strategy of the shows and movies. Think of being able to track cloaking signatures predicting where the enemy will appear. Hiding behind a moon or in the atmosphere of a gas giant (with risk to the ship). Take samples of energies found in the environment to enhance your ship against a future threat. Consider, Impulse being implemented true to cannon (as already suggested) and fully exploring the trench, filling that emptiness in between systems with narrative and intrigue. Answering Hails that may be distress calls or ambushes. Of course a lot of you have already suggested awesome ideas ( some I've already mentioned), but imagine having to launch from dock to start a 'tour', or dock to fully repair, refit, and/or end the tour by docking. "Helm take us out" heh gives me shivers lol.

The single player is where this game should be shining! Not with just 5 missions, but with a story that leads you to the trench explaining the cold war between the klingon empire and the federation. Why is the trench so important? What was the Aegis primarily built for? And where is the Enterprise?! Would we ever meet? I have a lot of hope for the future of this game because I can see the passion the developers have for the source material and medium. It was a gamble just to release it for VR. So I want to say thank you to Ubisoft and Red Storm for taking the risk. I am eager to see what else you guys have up your sleeves for Trek!

07-04-2017, 05:08 AM
I like it and the optimism. Agree with your suggestion of increased helm control through voice commands.

07-04-2017, 05:39 AM
On day two of the Watson patch, I was told by a dev that more voice commands for Watson was priority one in the short term. I have no idea what that will translate to, exactly, but I doubt it will mean much finer control over helm.

I expect we'll see the ability to scan specific subsystems, finer control over power allocations from engineering (perhaps even the ability to set up "power profiles)," and hopefully a command for helm that will allow engaging a target with engines in reverse or full stop with a single command.

But directing helm to specific bearings? If only. I sincerely doubt it.

There has been no formal indication from the dev team so far that they have plans to improve current game mechanics in any significant way.