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07-04-2017, 01:37 AM
I've been thinking about it and remembered some discussions I had with my friend, EruditoOtidure.

He came to me once and said that something about the way the ground just split open during the solar flare didn't make sense as solar flares don't just crack the Earth open. Then he came up with the theory that the Isu in that city must've been tapping into the Earth's mantle to harness energy and to keep their city warm.

That makes a lot of sense. The city was in Turin, New York. 75,000 years ago, New York was covered in glaciers and ice because it was the Ice Age filled with Mastodons and other fascinating animals. So it makes sense why the ground just shattered like glass and the Precursors literally fell into the mantle.

Because of the Ice Age, this explains why the majority of Precursor habitats and technology are concentrated in hot places like Africa rather than up North. Plus look at the clothing, in Revelations, they wore trousers and more form fitting clothes and boots (but still had exposed arms due to the comfortable temperature within their streets) while everywhere else they wear loose flowing robes and sandals etc.

Speaking of the Toba Catastrophe, EruditoOtidure also said that the Solar Flare may not be the main reason their society ended. A single staff caused a huge explosion in Tunguska...

Solar Flares disrupt technology and we see Isu warriors wield Staves of Eden. All these Pieces of Eden could've been affected and triggered a domino effect of massive nuclear bomb sized explosions that further threw them into a "Nuclear Winter" which made the Ice Age Earth even less hospitable for them.

And being so used to civilisation, the survivors would've struggled a lot to survive. Plus their 30% larger heads would've meant the infants have had big heads too which means that without their technology, giving birth once again became incredibly risky and all these things combined lead to a rapid decline in their populations.

07-05-2017, 03:43 PM
I'll drop this here, for reference.


I always thought that the almost Dante-like quality of the fall of the First Civ in that game was more symbolic than literal, but... well, we have symbolism in the hieroglyphs in Minerva's exposition in ACII. This does seem to be more of a direct view of what happened.

I do like how your theory accounts for the fall of the First Civ including survivors of the original Toba catastrophe.

I am curious what leads you to believe that the First Civ was typically in hot places, though.
Looking at maps like this:

It appears they were pretty well spread out- or, at least their POEs were.

07-05-2017, 07:05 PM
Thanks for posting the video, cawatrooper.

The reason my friend and I think they inhabited mostly hot places is because those would've been easy to settle during Ice Age Earth. Africa would've been warm rather than as hot as it is today. Also the Sahara desert back then was more like a jungle.

But that doesn't mean some didn't settle in colder places, the cutscene in Turin alone proves this and your map too. Although the map could just be showing Pieces of Eden they've hidden for future humans to find. Juno did say "we destroyed what we could and locked away what we could not", where better to hide something than in freezing environments where primitive humans would struggle to survive let alone find your powerful tools?

Plus the deadly wildlife such as cave bears, cave hyenas, woolly rhinos and cave lions would've been a constant hazard for humans living in the freezing areas, they'd be more worried about them than looking for Pieces of Eden. America would be even scarier due to the giant Short Faced Bears, huge ground sloths, dire wolves and Sabre Toothed Cats.

Obviously warmer climates would have their own dangers too, but you'd worry less about sparse food and starving predators and freezing to death. Same goes for the Isu, I think they preferred warmer climates and this might explain why we only saw light skinned ones so far in the warmer climates (like in The Truth which is in Africa, the Isu and the humans all had white skin), because they moved there from the colder north.

We did see Isu of different skin colours in the cutscene you posted, ironically it's in a colder climate too. ;) The majority of their temples as well I think seem to be found in warmer places like Afghanistan, India, Italy, Africa. But there were some exceptions.