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07-03-2017, 10:20 PM
I am still laughing about the patch notes I read a couple of minutes ago. Jesus, I am so glad I do not play this game anymore. To be honest, I just log on here to look what the idiots at Ubisoft have messed up next. I swear, these devs are the most ignorant, out of touch group of people in the history of fan/player base communication. Apparently it is always opposite day to the people in Ubisoft as they continually make unnecessary changes to aspects of the game worse and worse every time. I come here to see what the daily cluster **** is and in that regard, I am never disappointed. I used to get very upset as I truly enjoyed for honor and it used to make me mad seeing the issues most important to us ignored.

Not anymore, as I have realized there is not any hope for this game.
I did not even watch this past stream as I would be willing to bet my life savings it was just as worthless and uninformative as the last 4. There is nothing I can complain about that I have not said or another person has not said already. It will not be corrected guys the show’s over. I do want to say this, I am so sick of these Ubi fan boys with their unlimited patience coming to their rescue anytime anyone says anything negative about them or the game. Riding in on their high horse to stop some sort of moral injustice. Give me a ******* break. Well stop saying this and that, game dev is tough, thanks guys for the info, blah blah blah. The truth is they could give a **** less and I have been a fan since the very first Far Cry so for quite a while now.
I would like anyone to try to tell me that they have treated their player base fairly and kept us informed with a straight face. How many fixes to fixes needs to happen before people see this game for what it is? It is a shiny version of a game that has been polished since the beta, nothing more. I mean it has been out for what, like 5 months now and we still can’t maintain a level of connection consistency? Penalizing people who quit out of frustration blaming the players for leaving when it shouldn’t be peer to peer in the first place. Still can’t get the overall balance right? Still pay to play? For a mere 15,000 steel this overpowered piece of game breaking sh it can be yours! Lol.

Like they are having a meeting in their board room and dude’s “alright everyone, we need some really bad ideas, I mean ideas that make no sense, go.” Raises hand…….I think we should ignore connection issues, overcharge customers for our ****ty upgrades, piss on loyal players, and just do whatever it is the easiest. Another chimes in: Oh, and we should have a live stream with the illusion of answering fan base questions just so we can smirk and answer non-important irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with the basis of the game. But there is an emblem contest, I guess there’s that. Another guy raises his hand, “how about we add a new ranked mode even though we do not have the connection issues worked out yet, and we can call it testing.” Speaker stands up and says sounds good everyone, and remember the story is there are hundreds of us, but we are all related to Forest Gump straight off the short-bus and that is why it takes months to do the most basic of fixes. Either that or they are sabotaging their own game, lol hundreds of employees working on it my *** Roman. If people at Ubisoft really have that many people on this game, Ubisoft is hands down the most incompetent group of devs I have ever seen.

In short, this will be my last post as even I tire of getting entertained from their failures. You have let down many people Ubisoft, and while I believe the general consensus is that you probably could care less, I hope the sales of your next “game changer” reflect your lack of transparency and effort made to validate the importance of those fans and supporters who have always had your back only to be disappointed and ignored in return. As the great Mel Gibson said, “You should just ******* smile and blow me.”

07-03-2017, 11:25 PM
While I'm sorry to hear that you are heavily displeased with the direction the game has gone thus far, this forum is intended to promote constructive discussion regarding the game itself, whether that be the positive or negative aspects. Due to the posts inclusion of consistent profanity that intentionally dodges the profanity filter, we will be closing this thread.