View Full Version : "Run like Usain Bolt"

07-03-2017, 07:49 AM
Running is important part of FarCry game, like it or not. To make this process more natural and to make gamers more associated with the protagonist of the game - running must exhaust us. We should not run like machine in the game. Running should be upgraded and leveled up. 1) Stamina and 2) Speed. The faster you run the sooner you'll get tired! You can't run fast and long. It should be taken into consideration. The average person runs at a speed of 30 km/h - short distance (400m) : 20 km/h - average distance (3 km) : and 10 km/h - long distance (42 km). It would be better if these facts were depicted in the game. Process of getting tired may be shown by making breath harder and and the screen dim. And the last level - the fastest (which should be hard to achieve) - may be called "Run like Usain Bolt" for example! (100 m - 9,58 sec / 200 m - 19,19 sec / 400m - 36,84 sec) Let gamers feel how it is - to run like the fastest man in the world.