View Full Version : Nerf Centurion its absolutely ridiculous

07-03-2017, 02:36 AM
A champ that can literally kill you in 3 moves? with using barely any stamina? oh not to mention Takes your stamina, also homing missiles when you do a dodge roll backwards? I think I've seen it all, he is completely broken, I unlocked him and refuse to play with him because he kills the game. When the **** is this **** going to get nerfed? and I don't give me that 'gitgud' ********, there is no champ in the game that DRAINS your stamina with a move, I've dealt with many Centurions most of the players are trash, but in 4 v 4, if he pins you down, its a confirmed death its ****ing ********. Fix it Ubisoft ffs. Ridicilous.