View Full Version : Action Bug-Downed while throwing 'nade

07-03-2017, 12:03 AM
Ran into an issue today, hopefully it's not a purposed action. I was playing Buck in an normal TH match, when I was in the process of throwing a grenade when I was downed by OPFOR. The character's action had already pulled the pin from the nade, then was downed, so the nade remained active while on the floor. The replay (wish i had recorded it) shows the same process, with the active nade in-hand. The grenade of course went off before the revive counter ended, and the game stated i had killed myself. So....if an fellow teammate would have tried to revive me, he would most likely gotten killed, probably counting it as an TK. This is not good, since i've seen more boots since the new Op kicked in due to TK's.

Please assist.