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07-02-2017, 10:45 PM
Though other Pieces of Eden like the Shroud, Ankh and Koh-I-Noor are cool there is no other POE that gets to the heart of the Assassin and Templar struggle other than the Apples of Eden. It's ability to Mind control and create illusions has allowed it to instigate the discussion of peace through order, control and manipulation in a way that no other POE has come close too. The Observatory is also another good POE which adds to the Assassin and Templar discussion of Freedom vs Control, but the others add no real substance to the philosophical and ideological debate the same way the Apples do.

Al Mualim's reason for using the Apple of Eden (https://youtu.be/hbFNXWGAohQ?t=1858)

07-05-2017, 04:31 PM
I agree.

So far we've seen:

Apple of Eden- as you said, brings up issue of control/peace v freedom/chaos
Staff- Rather generic on its own, but works in conjunction with the Apple
Crystal Skulls/ Observatory- A variation on control v freedom with a timely (and apparently unintentional) NSA connection

What's nice about those POEs is that they contributed to the theme of the games, but also worked well with the historical/mythological theme of the era. The Middle East and Eurpoe in the 1100s-1400s focuses on the Judeo-Christian theme of the Apple (also works well with Mediterranean mythology, among others). The Crystal Skull plays into Mayan culture- or, at least a forged misrepresentation of it.

With the other stuff-
The Shroud
The Sword
The Shards

It all just feels like magical weapons, like something you'd collect over the course of a Zelda game. Hopefully whatever is in Origins is a little more deeply considered. Maybe we can return to a POE (be it apples, or otherwise) just to flesh one out more.

Also, there are the trees. I think they were a neat idea- a very literal representation on how the Templar's control may sometimes hold the world together better than the Assassins freedom- but I'm afraid Rogue was too short of a game to really examine more. It might be neat to see them come up again, but this time from an Assassin's perspective.