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07-02-2017, 09:07 PM
Hello fellow assassins,

Since the release of AC Origins is only a few months away I have decided to get 100% snyc in all AC games, because AC has always been my favourite franchise in gaming. I play on PC but I think the list below should also fit the Xbox versions of all the games and to some extend maybe the Playstation versions aswell.I will try to cover everything missing or not yet obtainable on PC. I think for the 10th anniversary of the AC franchise every game should be in its final form so everyone can enjoy every bit of content. Maybe Ubisoft is already doing this because they recently patched the until now PS exclusive questline Copernicus Conspiracy to the PC version (maybe someone can confirm this for me would be nice :D I played it a few days ago on PC). Im going to go over all main games that are available on PC. If I missed anything please add to my list or if something is missing in your game that I have. I hope Ubisoft sees this list so they know how to make the experience of older games better.

1. So first off is AC 1. Not much to cover here, because there are only two versions from my knowledge. Normal and Directors Cut. The digital Uplay version of the game is
the Directors Cut version so if you buy digitally on Uplay you have everything. I dont think there is a Directors Cut version for Xbox360/PS3.

2. Our all beloved AC 2. On PC you should have everything if you buy the Digital Deluxe edition, but for me I have everything but the Palazzo Medici, Basilica di Santa Maria
Gloriosa dei Frari, Arsenale di Venezia. I have already tried to buy a key for the the Deluxe Edition and override my original purchase of AC 2, but Uplay just took the key
and nothing happened. There is also an additional bonus skin which is missing from the game.

3. Next AC Brotherhood. Since Ubisoft patched the Copernicus Conspiracy to the PC everything should be available in this game if the facebook game for those two capes is
still working or they are free now dont know exactly.

4. Last game with Ezio, AC Revelations. Everything should be obtainable through Digital Deluxe. Only thing that may be not possible in the future is to unlock the location
Rhodes for your assassins because you need to play multiplayer.

5. Next on the list is of course AC 3. So for me the only thing missing is the Benedict Arnold DLC which should be obtainable through Digital Deluxe but same as AC 2 you
cant just override your original purchase with a Deluxe key.

6. Liberation HD. Complete, just buy it.

7. Aye Matey, AC 4. Really the most troubled game looking at 100%ing it. Community missions are no longer present so you are missing a few items. And there is an
Aveline DLC that I dont have but I think its in the Digital Deluxe Edition, but again like AC2 and AC3 you cant override an existing purchase with a new key. One Abstergo
Challenge is also not possible to complete because of the community missions. And there are other items missing from pre order bonuses. So AC 4 needs the most work I

8. AC Rogue. Should be everything in there if you buy on PC, correct me if Im wrong.

9. AC Unity. Should also be fine since patch 1.5, if you bought everything Unity related thats left on Uplay. Nonetheless I have seen a few who have problems getting 100%.

10. AC Syndicate. Should be 100%able if you have the season pass and every other DLC thats buyable.

11. AC Chronicles. Just buy it lol there is no DLC.

This list shows the Items or DLCs that are not obtainable with money for me. Im currently in to 100%ing Unity and Syndicate. I have finished all the other games except for the stuff that I have listed. Im sorry for any mistakes and just so there are no wars about which platform is better I also own a PS4 Pro and a Xbox360. It is possible that a few of these problems are related to old save files or Uplay handling keys or DLCs incorrectly. If someone has recently bought the big Animus Collection with all the games would be nice knowing what is missing in these versions because they should be the most up to date and any Uplay or savegame error should be non existent. (Most of the early ACs I have have been activated over the old Ubisoft PC client, thats where some of these problems could come from I think) For any information about all DLCs that have ever existed for AC go to http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_content.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can get Ubisfot to clean up some of the DLCs and missing/not obtainable Items.
I am looking forward to your comments :D.