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07-02-2017, 09:37 AM
So I've been watching some videos on combat but they are all for PS/Xbox and have a lot more moves it seems to make in combat. For example after countering an attack in one video I was watching the guy had 4 options- shoot, kill, throw, hurt. I've also seen a disarm option appear too.

Now as far as I can tell whenever I do this in combat I haven't seen these options and I definitely do not remember the game telling me about them in the tutorial stages. The only options I have ever seen in combat were left click for normal attacks, E to counter and Space to break defence. So how can you do these combo moves on PC?

There are also some more advanced moves I saw in the same video such as using a tool after a counter and also in-game there is this hint saying to repeatedly press Shift in order to chain pistol shots but I've never been able to do it (for me F is the shoot key, so do I need to be pressing F+Shift or something?).

If someone could provide an in-depth explanation to all these combat mechanics it would be very much appreciated.

07-02-2017, 11:24 AM
After you counter with E, you can press E again to throw, left click to kill as you know, and hurt/break defense with Space. To disarm, you have to equip the Fists, counter than disarm with Space.

The rest of the combos are with the tools: Pistol and Rope Dart. Whichever is selected, after you counter, press F.

Chain shot? I guess you mean the double kill. Can be done with both pistol and rope dart, but u have to be in a streak, have at least 2 guards near, and hold F. It's a bit tricky and it doesn't always work. But there are more tutorials on youtube...

Note: You can easily switch the primary weapons (fists, hidden blades, swords) by pressing "Q". Or 1, 2, 3. The Pistols are on 4, and for the rest of the tools, use the mouse scroll. I think that's easier than to remember what's on 5, 6, 7...