View Full Version : Dear Ubisoft - I urge you to add steam achievements to this and all games.

06-30-2017, 10:39 PM
Hello, I've been relentlessly asking for steam achievements on your games.
I'll be very honest I only enjoy games on steam, because I have all my community there, all my achievements, etc etc.
I, like quite many, really care about achievements on steam. With over 6000 games I still avoid buying games that dont have them, as this perk is in large part my reason for spending money for a game. I'm preordering AC:O because of it, and it would be the first AC I buy.

I realize that some people might not care, but the community of people who would like those is far bigger than you might imagine and very passionate.
It isnt much to ask and would make a big difference for fans of your games, but could also boost financially, as I know many people who would skip or will downright pirate a game that doesnt give them these additional perks, which they cant get otherwise.

I really hope you can do this for us, and ultimately yourselves.

Many thanks.