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06-30-2017, 03:26 AM
I got Far Cry The Wild Expedition like a year ago. But I only played it last week.

I remember at high school there was this guy that insisted I had to play Far Cry 1. I was not keen on the idea because he was kind of Hollywood with his shooters (like BF4) and the box art looked too vibrant (think Wii Sports) and I liked accurate type games, like Vietcong. So I didn't consider it. But he insisted it was great. So when I saw it I bought it.

So anyway I finally loaded this up a week or so ago on PS3 after buying it ages ago. The first one and the last one want me to download them, but 2 and 3 are on the disk.

I played 2 for a bit, it was meh. The graphics were niceish. The setting was nice. Jungle and savannah was nice. The missions appeared to have a story, but it was all raids and ****. The part where the enemies respawn and the checkpoints don't die is good if you don't do the missions - you can go around playing recon raider and walk everywhere. But I stopped playing that and played three.

I love this game. I'm playing it again and it's not so great. This time I went and did all the camps and towers and now the game seems somewhat hollow. But this game is still good.

I like the galil. I think it it a Daewoo K2.

Anyway I found this for you:

The closest bow hunting sight to the one in the game that I can find is a Sabo Gen 2. If you want to build the bow and go bowhunting and sneaking through the forest that is the closest bow sight I can find, and it requires no peep sight. Don't use a blind or a tree stand, sneak in the woods and hunt a bear or something.

It's a recurve bow, and if you want to match the riser, I haven't found that yet, but that matters not so much....

Also I found these things in the game. I think they are intentional.

The Rakyat have New Zealand accents. And they look Maori and have Maori facial tattoos. The guy you meet first is from Liberia. Liberia was set up by African Americans wanting to return to their roots. I think their is parallel between that and the situation with the Rakyat. They are NZ Maori wanting to return to the ways of the past. I think this is intentional and not a coincidence.

Also Citra.....

When you do the thing where you are hallucinating and fight the thing with the mask......

You mash X to finish it off by stabbing it...........

And you wake up with Citra on top of you and you are 'stabbing her' and 'mashing x' in to her.

And the monster is scary and monsters go RAAAAA. And she is 'sitting' on top of you. Sit RA. Citra. Citra was the monster.

I think this is intentional also.

There's heaps of this in the game.

Eg, that guy Willis. The guy you have to fight is called Hoyt.

Hoyt is an archery brand. In BF4 there is a Hoyt Spyder bow.

And Willis is a spy........ durr.

I think this is on purpose too.

There are so many of these things!!!!!

Anyway, I ordered FC4 and am waiting for it to arrive. I can't wait.

06-30-2017, 03:29 AM
Also I found this.

The Rakyat are always skinning wild boar. And wild boar hunting is popular in NZ.

And if you flip the k and t in Rakyat.

You get RAT YAK.

And yak is slang for talk. And rat is a rat who talks about things that are meant to be secret.

I think that is on purpose too.