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06-29-2017, 11:44 PM
So been at this game just over a week.
Already Reputation 4 with all purple gear upgraded to max gold 108.
Yeah, I've dropped some serious dough and played every minute I haven't been a work, lol.
This game is cocaine.

I couldn't wait for gold gear, wanted to be as competitive as possible now.

So, been reading about how defense is a wasted stat here.
Kinda funny how that works.

So I did what all you guys say, I made my overall defense .01% and I'll be damned, sure doesn't feel like I'm taking on any more damage at all.
So I was able to capitalize on the other categories with that gear.

With Orochi I've gone the route of adding up my Attack stats high of course.
I do have +14.2% Defense Penetration though...
I thought maybe I should neglect Block Damage and have that just for those who do put defense stats on.
Do you guys think I should neglect Block Damage with Orochi?

I kinda figured the point of an Assassin is to make solid hits.

I've got very high Execution Health Regeneration.
Completely neglecting Revive Speed of course.

I get a little stuck with my Revenge Mode, can't find the combo I want.
My Sword Guard has my highest Attack of +6.6% and +17.8% Revenge Gained.
But then I have to take -14.7% Revenge Mode Attack with that.
So with my Revenge Mode Defense at 19.2%, is this just a wasted defense stat as well?
I'm guessing it is, but had to take for all my other armor to work and my defense to add up to .01$
Also had to take Revenge Mode Duration at -16.0%

And with Orochi, my Attack is totaled at +15.4%, so utilizing the Assassin quickness, I thought only logical to go with +19.2% Stamina Cost Reduction, +15.8% Stamina Regen, and +71.2% Exhaustion Recovery...
Sacrificing Debuff Resistance at -19.2%.

Initially I was neglecting Exhaustion Recovery for Debuff resistance, but when I lowered my stats a bit in the paragraph above, I decided to try and see how much getting Feated started to tic me off, and be able to keep slicing for the kill, and if I run out of steam back off and zoom!, Bar fills right up, lol.

So this is my work up at Gold 108 after playing for about 8-10 days.
Would love tips and suggestions from all you veterans, thanks!

06-30-2017, 12:15 AM
You might find some useful help in our combat/strategy (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1429-Combat-amp-Strategy) sub-forum. And if you want serious pro advice, a lot of high level players hang out around r/competitiveforhonor - so it might be useful to ask there as well. :)