View Full Version : 10 min delay-laggers-spammers-(skill based game)

06-29-2017, 10:18 PM
Like 15 min ago I entered 1v1 and I was against a lawbringer (spammer and lagger) he was just spamming and I can't even see where the hits came from because he was so laggy and I get mad, after that I left the game. I wasn't know the 10 min delay.

Now, Ubisoft are you serious?

You guys still can't fix the connection problem, matchmaking and spamming thing. Don't get me wrong like Im crying, Im not but as a Orochi player when you are against law and if he is spamming where is the skill part? -smart guy answer: then deflect, if u can't block don't play. Thats not the point.

Ubisoft calling this game based on skill, but its not and u guys are making it worst. For peaches, why you guys added this delay?

Matchmaking with some spammer noob and lagger is not enough Im getting punished for leaving the game.

Leaving the game is not my fault its your fault ubisoft if u can't do matchmaking good then don't expect us to get tortured.

Like everything is okay you guys added 10 min delay. Are you guys want to lose more players?

Fix the lag, fix the matchmaking, fix the spamming heroes and let us fight with our skills.

Don't make this games updates become like dayZ updates.(for the ones who does not know dayZ every update messes up somethings.)

Note:Sorry for grammar mistakes, My first language is not english but I had to write this Im realy mad.

06-29-2017, 11:42 PM
I'm sorry you felt you had to leave, but that's how the penalty works. Perhaps it is the case that you were matched up against someone you didn't want to play against, but if you make the decision to leave the match, then your penalty as it stands is a 10-minute wait (which is pretty reasonable). Since you left, your opponent (spammer noob or not) was negatively affected by your leaving.

We have updated the matchmaking and now it's based on an average of your rep so that should help to make matches a bit more balanced. As for hero balancing, we're working on that too. If you have other concerns you would like us to address that you feel contribute to reasons for quitting early then please let us know.