View Full Version : Our own character concepts (Third-person characters, npc)

06-29-2017, 03:13 PM
Hello everyone!

I am so happy that we have chance to be a part of this project. BG&E is really epic and i hope that this sequel will be as awesome as the first game.

Now..i am an amateur artist, and when i heard about BG&2 and that we can give some ispiration for creators, i was sooo hyped! I was looking for information, where we can send our ideas. In forums? Or maybe there is so special email for that, idk.

I saw forum with fan-art, but i'm looking for a way, a contact, too send some of my art ideas to the creators of BG&E2 ( in .jpg)
I am 2D artist, maybe one of their professional 3D artist could create 3D models of my character concepts, i would be so happy.

I'm writing it because i couldn't find any amateur art, concepts for this project, on this site. Maybe i'm blind x.x

If you would like too see some of my ideas, or concept for npc, just write a comment. I would love to see your projects, especially for charaters ^^