View Full Version : New update for centurion

06-29-2017, 02:33 PM
I played 3 centurion directly after this update. I am by no means an amazing player, but I'm not incompetent either. The kick is easy to dodge but I'm sorry, the jab has literally not changed in my experience. I played Kenzie every time as I'm trying to make him my new main and the jab itself CAN be dodged if it isn't charged but you basically have to know he's doing it and press the dodge literally before he is trying to do it. I was only successful once, but in reality what centurion uses this on purpose except for optimal wall splat combos? If it's fully charged there's no getting out of it, the tracking still gets me every time, unlike how the description of the patch described. Maybe Kenzie's dodge is just too small? Please offer feedback on this. Also, these maps for duels shouldn't have so many small areas and hazards. You basically give the centurion full reign as one missed cgb means a 90 damage wall splat. However, I would like to end on a good note and thank you for what progress you have made on the game. This isn't really supposed to be a complaint (though I guess it sort of turned into one a little?) but rather just my feedback. Hope others are experiencing the patch as it is supposed to be and if I am not doing something incorrectly or if anyone has advice on how I can avoid the tracking please let me know!

06-29-2017, 04:15 PM
My advice would be to dodge it to the side instead of backwards (I don't know how good is the live update change, I haven't played yet). Try to dodge the charged jab on reaction, if you try to dodge in anticipation it is going to get you because it locks to the position you are in after the dodge, you have to wait for it.

06-29-2017, 07:20 PM
One thing. charged jab is not guarenteed unless he's splatted you or pinned you with a fully charged heavy. if you're still being hit by it when you dodge away you must be dodging it too early. as all charge attacks will auto correct themselves and follow you if you dodge before it's fully out.

I haven't checked the back dodge on the changes. But pre live update I could back dodge on assassins if I predicted when it would come. If I did it slightly later it would get me.
I was able to back dodge to avoid it on the warden once or twice. and on a centurion a few times. I would say that if it's still nailing you now either your timing needs a bit more tweaking and/or heros with terrible dodges (i.e lawbringer) can't back dodge the uncharged jab and have to side dodge to avoid.