View Full Version : is bg&e2 using crew 2 for racing ?

06-29-2017, 05:07 AM
Now crew 2 is mashing up so many old titles into one , if bg&e2 uses the same mechanics for racing system how can it be refreshing to the gamers who have already played ?Also its clear from techinical point of view that ubisoft has to reuse this to achieve their goal in such a short time. No problem with the reuse but there should be more added if racing is not like a side quest in this game.

Also crew 2 is using the same phrase - be racing champion from nothing like bg&e2 be space pirate from nothing Hmm all we ask is for a refreshing gameplay experience , experience unlike anything .

06-29-2017, 02:23 PM
Well it is Ubisoft but this is probably a WAY OTHER team behind that.
I mean I doubt that those guys making The Crew had anything to do with 2D Rayman unlike Ancels team which made the game. I think it is Ancels team only and that was the same with BGE1. If I remember correctly that is because they want to achiev the best and that needs good communication which only is offered by working as a small team.

Ubisoft usually works on many things at a time and we saw that their racingteam did work on WatchDogs. However BGE2 seems to be a own thing with its own team to stay unique.

I'm surprised that you go from one line of text to that. We really should keep it real. I doubt that The Crew people work on spaceships or flying vehicles like a bike. They gotta work on their own game for now xD(who knows what changed at a technical level. You take it like it was nothing). There is in fact no time for that. Such assumptions go nowhere.