View Full Version : Centurion Attack Question

06-29-2017, 01:46 AM
So the Centurion does that jump attack where he stabs through you and you're stunned for days for some reason. Anyways I've timed it perfectly for a deflect and the body of the centurion just moves, kind of tracks me, and the attack still connects. I know on non-assassins you try to dodge it he tracks you but you can't even defect it apparently?

Same move. Centurion is jumping at me and I activate REVENGE the attack still connects. The other hero attacking me at the same exact gets knocked to the ground but the centurion attack just stabs me anyway. Is it supposed to interact that way? I mean the tracking on it is pretty insane to begin with I don't know how someone just changes their forward momentum mid air but no deflect and piercing through revenge? Seems like it might be interacting correctly.