View Full Version : Request from collaborator of IL2 JP radio voices

06-28-2017, 04:05 PM
Hoping anyone from 1C: Maddox see this post.

I'm Kafuji Sato. A long lived gamer from Japan.

A long years ago .... in 2004, as one of IL-2 fan community member in japan,
I helped maddox to localize PACIFIC FIGHTERS's radio voices into Japanese language.
I and my friends filled whole voice files for that... And that was truly fantastic collaboration.

Just today I've been organizing old files in my PC, and I found that. My recordings of IL-2 japanese voices....
That is actually used in retail version of PACIFIC FIGHTERS and later IL-2 series.

It's been soooooooo loooooong time since I made it.... Oh tears...
Thank you maddox.

And now I want to ask you one thing.

Can I upload these Japanese voice files (recorded by me and my friends) to public?

Because there's some people making funny mashup videos by using japanese voices of military games,
and also some of them are using IL-2/PACFIC FIGHTERS JP voice files on aviation scenes/characters.
But what they are using is incomplete version... Because not every recordings are shipped with retail version of IL-2/PF.
(You can google some videos tagged "Banzai Edition" or "万歳エディション" ... really funny and lovely )

So, I want to give them my recordings.
Don't know I gived maddox all of copyrithgs of that or not,
Just wondering if I can get permission from you guys.

Sorry for my english is not very well.