View Full Version : [Recruitment] Cryonic - North America is recruiting active players!

06-28-2017, 12:04 AM
Or Contact me on uplay, Cryonic-Dark or Cryonic-Envi for any questions. PC Community

Cryonic is now seeking active members to bolster the ranks of a growing community of Rainbow six players. We are seeking active, fun and dedicated players for both Ranked and Casual games.

We are accepting all skill levels. You can be a bitter vet, or a fresh newbie. Our plans are to eventually expand into the Challengers League, and see where we go from there. At the very least we are seeking to make a fun and organized community for all players to enjoy.

We are a laid back, fun loving and active community of both E.U, and North American players. Our biggest community is E.U, But we are expanding into N.A, and we are seeking those willing to join us to fill our ranks with N.A players so we can expand across all time zones.

Come give us a shot today, Drop by and play a few rounds.

Must have a mic.
be 18+, It's not a requirement but it is appreciated.
Teamspeak 3
We use a Whatsapp group to communicate with E.U and N.A Players.