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06-27-2017, 11:38 PM
Who here is Gonna get the new AC Game on Disc?

I Am i always get games on disc

that way you OWN it Forever

Digital you aren't buying the game your buying a digital license too the game

if the service you buy it digitally from closes or is gone for whatever reason your game is gone for good.

anyone else feel the same way?

plus its nice to show off the collection

06-28-2017, 12:09 AM
Unfortunately, Origins won't have a physical copy for PC, only for consoles.

And yes, you're right, when Uplay or Steam will close, what will happen to our games? That's why I prefer the physical game. Even if the servers won't work, you'll be able to install and play with Uplay or Steam in offline mode. Console games are still on discs, so that's good.

The manual patches were good too, now they're gone. But you can always make a backup of the game with the latest patch, right? And save it on an external drive or DVDs...
I guess that's what I'll do for my digital only games.

06-28-2017, 12:40 PM
I remember when steam came out. I had the same concerns. Valve makes far too much money to go bankrupt, they're worth billions. Even if Valve went out of business, our games would be issued a patch that would make us able to play without going online and we would still be able to download the game files and back them up.
I expect the same applies to Ubisoft and Uplay.

As for physical copies, I cannot remember the last time I bought one and the last time I installed a game from DVD was more than 5 years ago. My local pc stores do not even stock physical copies of PC games, only console games and pre-owned console games (PC disk do not have any resale value).

I have games from the 1990's but to be honest, they do not always run well on modern pc's. I remember them as epic games but after installing them they look old, slow and dated and play a lot worse than I ever remember. A lot of them are in 4x3 ratio as they were meant for 800 x 600 resolution so they need patches to make them fit the screen. Playing them just damages the good memories I have of them. They were epic then... it is only playing them now that destroys that.

I have games I have bought this year that I will never replay (and some I didn't finish because they were not enjoyable enough) so what difference does it matter if I have a digital library or 2 cupboards full of damaged jewel cases and DVD cases and spindle packs with random game disks?

I have no idea how many indie, greenlight, kickstarter and self made small business made games are released every year but games from bigger companies seem to average almost one per day.

When we compare that to 2002 there was less than 36 good games released in the year. So in the future I expect so many game releases that it will be difficult to find time to replay any except our top favourites and even they will change quickly.

I couldn't find any figures but these 2 links seem to show game releases and I started looking at how many released each month to compare

so in 5 years we may average 2 game releases per day.... with so many new games, when will we have the time to install and play a 5, 8, 10 or 25 year old game?

06-28-2017, 08:43 PM
Yes, too many games. But I only have very few favorite series, which I'd like the physical copy. It's usually those long ones with over 3 games, like Assassin's Creed and Tomb Raider. The rest can be digital, I don't care.

I even buy physical Audio CDs of my favorite artists. Yeah, who still does that, haha!

Master Tarvos
06-28-2017, 11:04 PM
I have always done this, as I never liked the idea of not having the physical disk to use if you have to reformat. Now that I am playing on a console (Xbox One) I make sure to have the physical so I can play even if they server is down for some reason.