View Full Version : Cheating?

06-27-2017, 05:17 PM
How can you get caught if you are hacking/cheating?

06-27-2017, 06:44 PM
Depends on the situation but it can range from the built in anti cheat tools or someone just reporting an account. You can find the code of conduct here (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000026239/For-Honor-Sanctions-Warnings-Suspensions-and-Bans-FH-PC-XB1-PS4/).

07-02-2017, 12:53 PM
On UBIsofts end one way is checking the amount of traffic your connection holds to the server player , another is for players if you see things that are unbelievable they usually are

07-02-2017, 12:58 PM
Going by the fact that the 1 hit kill with the warden was in the game for 2 months before all the people learnd about it and used it so much that ubi finaly found out about it then yeah...you can cheat as much as you want no one will know if they dont take a video of you and give it to the moderators iv seen tons of people block 100% and im starting to think that ubi made all guard stance the same so people stop saying others ir cheating coz now you can know for shure since its so easy to block evrithing...eather way hacking in this game is happening 100% not to mention you can still use the 1 hit kill with nobushi and orochi but you need to be out of stamina so its harder to pull but who cares....