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06-27-2017, 01:12 PM
Dear Ubisoft and Mods:

I am looking to buy this game however after 6 months of research I still don't know which to buy. I know you get these questions, so I tried to find the answers first. Some of the links to ubisoft forums are broken or linked to the older forums. I can't seem to find a definitive answer so I must turn the forums. The list is long but would help me in purchase decision of which version of base and the dlc. I wish to thank anyone in advance who reads this and certainly anyone that can provide answers. I think it could benefit others potential buyers in the future if they play the game I intend. I don't play multiplayer plus it sounds like the mp action is almost if not already dried up. I prefer to player single player oriented missions or modes where other players are not needed to finish, like the Guerilla Mode I will ask about below. Thank you again!

Just in case, but I doubt anyone here would have trouble knowing the abbreviations I will use
sp - single player
mp - multi player

Here are first set of questions dealing with the base game itself
1. Deluxe Edition - Are they or are they not available at least in Guerilla Mode the 4 extra weapons? From what I have been able to find out, there is no real answer yet, some say yet via patch others say no.
2. Single Player Campaign - Same question, are the weapons in the Deluxe Edition available for the single player campaign. Someone mention 1.6 added those weapons, but nothing in the 1.6 notes specifically say they do.
3. Guerilla Mode - can it be played by solo or is it vastly extremely difficult to play in solo (does the game adjust to how many are playing or are their no adjustments whether single or co-op (up to 4 players)
4. Deluxe Edition - 48 custom Headskins - single player? Guerilla Mode?

These next set deals with the DLC content and its integration with the base game (std or deluxe)

1. Arctic Strike - Will the new weapons work in
a. Single Player new missions in this dlc and future dlc
b. Guerilla Mode new maps in this dlc and future dlc
c. Single Player new missions this dlc only
d. Guerilla Mode new maps in this dlc only
c. Single Player original campaign and new missions
d. Guerilla Mode Original Maps and new missions

2. Arctic Strike - Guerilla Mode
a. SP or MP/Co-op only or both?

3. Arctic Strike/Raven Strike and Khyber Strike
a. New achievements - are the sp, mp or both - will solo players benefit from these new achievements in all 3 dlc if not which ones?

4. Among all three DLC what exact content is single player (as Steam shows all three dlc are single player) Guerilla mode is in all three (however for Khyber Strike supposedly the Guerilla map addition is not designed for solo player?

5. (This could be considered already answered but just want for certain clarification) For a person who does not plan to play this game in multiplayer and based on answers above would play single player campaign/missions and Guerilla Mode, which version of the base game should I buy then?
Standard or Deluxe

6. (Once again possible duplication but just want clarification) Same question above about only planning on playing single player missions/campaign and Gueriilla Mode, which DLC would be best to buy or the Season Pass instead (since season pass is cheaper based on which DLC you say fits my preferred play - single player)
Arctic Strike
Raven Strike
Khyber Strike
Season Pass

Thank you for reading these questions, you just can't seem to find these answers specifically anywhere as different sites say different things that disagree with each other.

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