View Full Version : Ranked Mode will only make people rage quit more

06-26-2017, 04:16 AM
Dear Ubisoft,

What makes you believe that by introducing ranked mode will fix the dying state of this game? Yes, people will come back for a few days maybe a couple of weeks like how they did during the beginning of season 2. However, as record has shown, season 2 only made more people angry and frustrated, thus more people left the game. Tru3ta1ent barely even touches the game. People such as NRG.iSkys, Kingrichard15 are bored out of their mind and wouldn't even dedicate a full stream to this game. PraisetheSun has completely lost interest in this game, and refused to play this game until turtle meta is fixed.

Turtle mode NEEDS to be fixed, all the glitches (soft feint guardbreak, unlocked unparriable attacks, etc) needs to be fixed. STOP NERFING people....and START deciding which heroe is the current "balanced" heroe and use it as a guide line to BUFF everything else to its' similar level.

For example, the recent nerf of warden has made my experience playing as Orochi worse. Why? it's because instead of fighting someone who actually does anything, now all the warden I fight simply turtles. Shinobi turtles, centurions turtles, in turn I HAVE TO turtle too. Don't you see? this is a vicious cycle.

Let me put it plain and simple, when I lose lately, I get extremely salty due to all the stacked frustrations, and even when I win I get no satisfaction, simply because the one who attacks more will lose the game, I feel like I DID NOT outplay my opponent, I simply out turtled him/her more.

STOP nerfing, START buffing. Ranked mode will make more people angry cuz now people REALLY have to play to WIN, so guess what? EVEN BIGGER TURTLE FEST IN COMING!

Please ubisoft, PLEASE, fix the turtle meta, and glitches.

PS: Fighting Raiders has ALWAYS ALWAYS Always~~~~ BEEN FUN lately ever since their buff. WHY? it's because to counter Raiders, I have to attack more. To win as Raider, they have to attack too. All the parries that happen in the game are not FISHED Parries, they are legit parry that happens spontaneously, thus win or lose the match is FUN!!! well, until you run into a fat turtle raider, but most raiders are not turtles.